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Boil two teaspoons of tea leaves without adding any sugar or milk and let it brew.Take the tea water and let it cool till the water becomes darker. Then apply it all over your hair.Rinse it off with water. Don't use shampoo with the tea water.
Take about six to eight teaspoons (depending on hair length) of coconut oil.Mix three teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in the oil and apply it on hair. Keep it for an hour and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
To get radiant skin mix honey with pure milk and apply it on face & neck for 20 minutes and wash with cool water.
Potato juice with lemon is a natural remedy for getting rid of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The pack improves skin tone and lightens dark circles around the eyes.
Mixing banana with almonds oil is effective for having a healthy skin
Orange peel powder with sandalwood is the natural remedy for removing blackheads.
A face pack of made turmeric mixing with gram flour works as an amazingly for nourishing dry skin and making it glow. It also removes the impurities and dead cells from the skin.
Papaya mixed with honey helps in reducing the signs of skin aging - such as freckles and age spots.
Do not shake the perfume bottle. Handle your perfume bottle with care and do not shake it abruptly before using.
Keep the Perfume Dry: Many of us keep the perfumes on bathroom selves for a quick after-shower spritz. But the humidity in the bathroom is not good for perfume, it breakdown its content.
Keep your perfume in the closet or drawer.Though the bottle of your favourite perfume comes with this note, but you tend to ignore it. Exposure to sunlight degrades the perfume and change its fragrance.
Increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Constipation may make your symptoms worse.
When heat and humidity are at their highest, it's never a bad time to take a break. Water sports are especially tricky because you can easily become overheated without realizing it. When it doubt, take a breather.
Take natural fruit juices. All natural juice without added sugar not only provides hydration but also important nutrients to keep you functioning while being active in hot weather.
Wear one layer of lightweight, light-colored clothing when you are working or exercising outdoors. Change into dry clothing as soon as you can if your clothes get soaked with sweat. Never exercise in a rubber suit.
If you are on a high-protein diet, make sure that you drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water each day.
When exercising, keep your rest between sets to a minute or less, and don't do more than 12 reps in a set
Protein = building block for your muscles. Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, almonds, peanuts. Eat lots of this stuff, all the time.
Drink loads of water before you start playing Holi. This will keep your skin hydrated.
Don't get waxing, threading, facials or skin treatment done at least 3-4 days before Holi.
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