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Interview Tips For Teacher

Interview tips for teacher will give you a good idea about how interviews are conducted and identify the basic interview formats used by school.

The most important thing to do before an interview is to relieve your stress by making sure there is a realistic match between your skills and the job:

1) Know your strengths and weaknesses and prepare to explain both.

2) Research the position and know a bit about the school.

3) You have to practice for explaining yourself in simple terms.

You have to ask format of the interview before the event. A secretary at the school can be a good option for asking the information. You can also ask the information to interviewing representative, or personnel official who contacts you.

Following are some interview tips for teacher:

1. Be prepared

Preparation always creates confidence in you. So be well prepared for the interview. You can get more information about the school or college from a secretary at the school. You can also ask the information to interviewing representative, or personnel official who contacts you.

2. Start the interview

You have to take charge as soon as you walk into the room. When you entered in the interview room, then your interview starts. While seating in the chair keep everyone in front of you.

3. Pay attention

Though you are giving interview, your attention must be on your verbal cues, body language, blinking of eyes, looking away, sweating, etc. You must listen first. If you are unable to hear, ask to repeat the question by saying "sorry".

4. Do's for teacher interview:

1) Dressing is most important part of interview so dress your best.

2) Act normal and is as you are.

3) Answer all questions very truthfully.

4) You have to prepare for answers of your proudest accomplishment like a difficult situation that you handled well.

5) You must tell them that why you want to attend the school.

6) Prepare for a list of questions. You can practice with a friend or relative.

7) Arrive at the interview 5-10 minutes early.

8) Follow-up the meeting with a "thank you" notes.

URL: http://www.professionalclick.com/career_guidance.php?aid=78

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