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Class for pregnant women

Asha Medical Foundation, a non-profit organization was founded in March 2001 to provide quality rehabilitation for people suffering from cerebral palsy (a birth disorder), stroke, spinal cord injury, and other neurologically challenged patients.

At Asha Medical Foundation, we understand the many questions & concerns you have as your baby’s delivery date approaches. Our reputation as a high quality health care system for women is built on solid medical & prenatal educative expertise.

Our commitment to teaching ensures that our customers & their families are well informed about their health & health care options. At Asha, we are committed to caring for mothers and babies. That commitment is evident in every aspect of the Positively Pregnant Classes.

Today’s woman seeks information as it increases her confidence levels and helps her de-stress, which in way lessens the perception of pain and helps her have a better childbirth experience.

We conduct the classes in a cohesive manner. The classes are a forum to help pregnant women get information and support, and to find their comfort zone after exploring various aspects of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. If you are a working mother ‘Positively Pregnant’ will help you learn better management skills to cope with the complex tasks you are going to handle.

We at Asha Medical Foundation conduct a 6 weeks class called Positively Pregnant, an educational prenatal program for expecting parents on the care they can take before, during and after the delivery of their child to ensure good health of the two. Started initially at Pune in 1999, we are now conducting classes at Bangalore also. You can get a lot of information on the exercises, nutrition, relaxation techniques, pregnancy, labour & childbirth, post partum, parenting, changing body, rhythmic breathing techniques, breast feeding and delivery. For details regarding date, venue and time contact


EMAIL: shriram@ashafoundation.org

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