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Significance of Bilwa Patra

Bilwa Patra is nothing but Bael leaf or Aegle Marmelos. The Bael tree is a very sacred tree in the Hindu religion.

The Bilva Patra comes from two different words- Bilwa which is the Bael or Bilwa or Aegle Marmelos. Patra means a leaf in Hindi. This together they form the Bilwa Patra or Bael leaf.



Bilwa Patra is a great anti-erythrogenic. If it is applied to an inflamed part of the body, it will help to cure it.

Helps To Cure Constipation!

Indeed one of the most disturbing and annoying diseases, constipation is a malady numerous people are suffering from. What if you get a natural cure for it? It is the Bilwa Patra. A small amount of salt and black pepper can be consumed with Belpatra, it detoxifies the body and helps the intestine to clear the waste.

It Helps To Solve Respiratory Troubles!

The Bilwa Patra contains a type of oil. The oil can help to cure people having asthma, cold and other respiratory troubles.

It Does Wonder In Treating Diabetes!

A Bilwa Patra is very in laxatives. This helps in producing the right insulin which in turn helps to control sugar levels. This Bilwa Patra is a great cure when you think of Diabetes.

Religious Connections Of Bilwa Patra

Bilwa Patra is used extensively when you think of Hinduism. Whether it is the Vedas or the Mahabharata or the Ramayana and so on the mention and uses of Bilwa Patra is humungous.

Bilwa Patra often comes as a tri-leaf. This is all the more special because Hindus believe that a tri Bilwa Patra symbolises the trinity gods that is Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma.

Bilwa Patra, many see it as the three eyes of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the only God in the Hindu religion that has three eyes.

It is believed that if someone worships a Shivlinga under a Bilwa tree, that person can reach salvation.

If someone worships Lord Shiva by offering him a Bael leaf, then it pleases the God.

If someone lights a lamp under a Bilva tree, he can have great knowledge.

If someone feeds food to the devotee of Lord Shiva under a Bilwa tree, he will never get poor.

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