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Diwali Celebrations @ World Brahman Federation
Date: Dec 07 2012 Submitted By:   Raj Kota

The World Brahman Federation is a Not-For-Profit organization registered
in New York with affiliated organizations in several countries. For more
information and upcoming events, please visit www.brahmanworld.org

Deepavali celebration’s organized by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the
World Brahman Federation on Saturday Dec 1, 2012 at the community center
hall of “The Gentry” in Plainsboro, NJ, was attended by about 60 people.
Tri-State area residents from different professional, age group and
linguistic backgrounds participated enthusiastically. The Chapter
President, Shri Shambhu Pandey and other members of the organizing
committee put together a wonderful sequence of events.

In keeping with the WBF objective of preserving and practicing Brahmin
traditions, Dr. M. G. Prasad conducted the main events beginning with
blowing of the conch followed by organizing Lakshmi Puja among 16
children explaining the significance and importance of rituals along the
way. The audience was then treated to precise recitation of sections of
the Vedas for about 40 minutes by Dr. Prasad, Dr. Dathatri and Dr.
Jayaram. The audience witnessed superb performances from children on the
Viola, Trumpet, Sloka recitation, stories/poems on Deepavali, Carnatic
vocals etc. Keynote speaker Dr. Jayaram (Brigadier US Army) treated the
audience to nuanced stories from the Ramayana and Puranas which were
thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Chapter President Pandey thanked
everyone for participation and making this event so enjoyable. A special
thanks to Dr. Dathatri who had traveled from Stoneybrook, NY to
participate in the Vedic chanting program that made the event truly
memorable. The Chapter plans to celebrate Holi next year.

URL: http://www.brahmanworld.org/

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