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Swayamvar - Singles Event - Indians (Last event of the year)

Schedule Sun, 27 Jan 2019  1:00 Pm
269 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

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Event Details

SWAYAMVAR - South Asian Singles Invited

TIME:  Register by 1:45 pm to 6:00 pm


Moved to Jan 27th

All South Asian / Indian Singles Are Invited to Find Their Partner

Dress: Wear only formals! Not jeans etc.

Early Bird ends - Dec 15

     Get 30% off if you bring one more friend who is single and looking.

Ages: 25 - 42 years old only

You have to provide a biodata as well.

We want to help the ones who are honestly looking for genuine people / verified people and want to create a long lasting relationship!

South Asian n Indians are invited to meet potential brides and grooms in your state.

Since the ages are an issue we will provide you a biodata (list) - select anyone you like.

Saturday is the best day to meet singles, you will be relaxed have enough time to meet also on Sunday.

This is for people looking for:

Partner search
Looking around

We invite people from all over US - BOSTON/ New York / New Jersey / Philadelphia / CT / Virginia– All come out!


Swayamvar, in ancient India, was a practice of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors, by a girl of marriageable age. “Swayam” in Sanskrit means self and “vara” means groom in this context. Swayamvar will have a twist – We will bring in both Guys and Girls to meet each other.



Round 1: Each table will have 1 boy / 1 girl and will be given one activity. They get 5 minutes to solve a question. Then this guy will move to the next table. You get the most time in this round.

Round 2: Here you get a second chance to meet the same people if you missed out in Round 1 or did not get to know enough. You get less time though.

Match Making Round 3: In this round you can meet the people "YOU CHOOSE". You don't meet everyone only those "You want to Meet". TELL THE ORGANIZER.

Important: in this round you will be given questions that can be somewhat open you up about this person For ex: How serious are you about dating, what are your 5 - 10 yr goals?, what do you look for in a partner? )

Contact us for questions - dezidreamz2 at gmail.com

Phone 647-709-3437
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Organized by DD
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