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Chicken Biriyani
Region: Indian
Dish:Non Vegetarian - Chicken
Main Ingredient: Chicken
Servings: 2
Time to Prepare: 30 to 60 mins


chicken - 1.5 kgs (cut into big pieces)
basmati rice - 2.5 cups
onion - 5
pudhina - 1 bundle
malli leaves - 1 bundle
cloves - 6 to 7
cinnamon - 1
biriyani leaves - 6 to 7
ginger - 1 small
garlic - 20 pieces
ghee - 3 tbs
oil - 3 tbs
red chillies - 13
green chillies - 3
coconut milk - 1 cup
salt to taste


1. Fry some onion and the chillies with garlic in ghee for 4 mins.
2. Allow it to cool. Meanwhile Fry Basmati rice in ghee for 1 mins.
3. Keep it beside. Grind the fried onion and chillies to a paste.
4. Make ginger - garlic paste.
5. Keep the pan in the stove and pour the remaining ghee and oil and after it gets heated put the cloves,cinnamon ,biriyani leaves and fry it.
6. Put the remaining onion and fry it again.
7. Now add the chicken pieces and fry for 4 mins.
8. Add pudhina and malli leaves into it.
9. After 4 mins, add the grinded onion paste into it and coconut milk is added to it now.
10. Allow it to fry for another 5 mins. Now add boiled water (measured almost double the amount of the rice ).
11. Allow it to boil for few mins add turmeric powder and salt to it.
12. Now add rice into it. Close the lid keep it in medium flame. Add the whistle.
13. Switch off the flame immediately after a whistle.
14. Allow the pressure to subside and serve it hot with Raita.

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