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Pad thai

By: usha
Region: Others
Dish:Non Vegetarian - Others
Main Ingredient: Rice noodles


1 packet rice noodles
1tbsp chopped garlic
1cup prawns,shelled and de-veined
1 egg beaten
2tbsp paneer
2tbsp roasted peanuts
1tbsp soya sauce
2tbsp fish sauce(optional)
2tbsp tamarind juice


Soak the rice noodles in water for 15-20 minutes.drain and keep aside.Heat oil in a large wok.add the beaten eggs.scramble and remove.in the same oil,add garlic.fry till golden.add the prawns.cook till it turns pink.set aside.in the same wok,add the noodles,paneer,peanuts,sugar,soya sauce,fish sauce,tamarind juice.cook for four to five minutes.return the prawn and egg mixture to the noodles.mix well.serve hot.

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