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Miracle of Morning Rituals

Success comes with consistency,

Consistency means repetition of particular tasks,

Repetition leads to habit formation.

In a nut shell success is dependent on habit formation.

We all have a standard routine from waking up in the morning, getting freshen up, having morning tea or coffee, going to office, having lunch and so on…..

When we write our goals, we also write what are the ways to achieve them. To achieve them we need to invest time which is the most critical part of our lives. Inspite of being a servant of technology, we tend to lose the track of time.

Thus our goals get postponed and we ourselves postpone our success. And finally end up saying that it’s not our cup of tea or it’s impossible.

But if we understand the positioning of small habits in our daily routine, we can surely say that Impossible itself says “I’m Possible”

To share my personal life experience, I took a challenge to read one book per week but by default, it’s not possible always to be consistent. So I decided to listen to audiobooks. To listen I don’t have to take out a specific time rather I can do it when I go for a walk when I am cooking when I am driving etc. I added this as my morning ritual and now it’s been two years that I amconsistently listening to an audio book with ease every week.

So don’t try to find time for your dreams and desire, just give them some space in your daily routines and make a winning routine to win this battle of life and live your purpose.

Every drop in the ocean counts, so will your small habits count and be a miracle.

Are you ready to have miracles in your life?

URL: wethenavigators.com/miracle-of-morning-rituals/

EMAIL: info@wethenavigators.com

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