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Remedies That Can Help You Treat A Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is a common condition that is characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joints. Frozen shoulder can be sometimes confused with arthritis, but they aren't similar. Frozen shoulder is only related with a shoulder joint while arthritis can take place in any of the bone joints in the body. Frozen shoulder commonly affects people of age 40-60 years old. People who have certain diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism or Parkinson's disease are more likely to develop a frozen shoulder due to high levels of inflammation. The exact cause of a frozen shoulder is not known yet, but researchers believe that a frozen shoulder can be caused due to underuse of shoulders. Frozen shoulder can affect one or both the shoulders. Sometimes, a trauma or an injury can also cause a frozen shoulder. The longer you ignore a frozen shoulder, the greater possibility there is of a permanent shoulder disability. A frozen shoulder can be fixed in many ways, if diagnosed early.


A slow onset of shoulder pain and stiffness. The pain is generally dull but becomes sharp with movement. It may become so severe that it limits your ability to use your shoulder and interferes with sleep.

Pain is normally located over the outer shoulder area

Pain in the neck and elbow

Over time, as shoulder motion becomes limited and the shoulder becomes stiffer, pain diminishes, creating a vicious cycle: shoulder stiffness prevents normal movement, while reduced movement increases stiffness.

List of exercises to prevent Frozen shoulder

The pendulum stretch

Armpit stretch

Towel stretch

Finger walk

Cross-body reach

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