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"INDRA" the king of the Gods

I would say, if I were to go by the Rig Veda, that Indra is more powerful than Shiva(Rudra) or Vishnu! If fact Indra is the most prominent Vedic God! More than 250 hymns are there in Rig Veda as against just 3 hymns for Vishnu and Rudra each. Agni, Soma, Vayu, Varuna, Brahmanspati, Usha, Aswins, Maruts and others got more importance than Rudra and Vishu. So what went wrong with Indra that he later become so pitiable that he was constantly worried about keeping his Chair of Heaven? How did he fall to such a lowly position! It happened in later Vedic age when Puranas gained prominence as the Original knowledge of Vedas were lost and many errors crept in leading to misinterpretations. The fight between Indra and Vrtra or Devas and Asuras which is the central theme of Rig Veda got mangled so badly Indra became a poor king of Indralok who ran to Vishnu or Shiva( Rudra) at the drop of the hat! People were so mesmerised with such stories Indra got reduced to a mere scared King of Devas and finally was relegated to a pathetic state. With the emergence of the Traid,namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, even more prominent Gods such as Agni, Vaya and others of the Great Rig Veda lost their importance. That’s the TRUTH. What is that Truth? None of the Vedic Gods are really Gods! This is not to turn the whole thing upside down!! Vedas are some mumbo jumbo like the other Holy Books of the two powerful religions! RIG VEDA is pure SCIENCE. There is no story about human beings, leave alone any story about the Son of God or a Prophet who was supposed to have received the word of God! It is about BIG BANG and the Condition Before Big Bang!

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