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Arundathi Nakshatram after wedding

Arundhati is the wife of sage Vasishta, and considered as an extraordinary women. Due to her remarkable loyalty and devotion to her husband, she is invoked by the "bridegroom" in wedding ceremonies by asking the "bride" to "see Arundhati star". There are many stories behind "Arundhati" becoming a star and one such story is this. Once Svaha, wife of Agni, tried to take the forms (physical appearance) of the wives of "saptharishis". She was able to take the forms of all other six Rishipathnis but not that of Arundhati and this revealed her superiority.

Alcor, is the astronomical name of the star "Arundathi" and it is found in "Ursa Major Constellation", famously known as "Big Dipper". This constellation is what we mention as "Saptharishi Mandala". Vasishta, one among the Saptharishi, is referred as Mizar in modern astronomy. Take a look at the telescopic image of these stars given below. Alcor is just the tiny dot near Mizar as seen in telescope.

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