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Chakravyuha (Padmavyuha)

Why was Chakravyuha (Padmavyuha) only created for capturing Yudhisthir when Kauravas could have used Chakravyuha multiple times against anyone else on the Pandava side?

Padmavyuha was not created by the kauravas for Abhimanyu .alone.

When Dronacharya took over command of the kaurava army after the death of the great Bhishma on the 10 th day of the war, he promised Duryodhana that he(Drona) will capture Yudhistra alive. Even though he tried his best for two days, he could not carry out his promise, mainly because Arjuna thwarted all his attempts. Therefore Drona hatched a ploy to drag Arjuna to a far corner of the battle field, by getting a group of warriors to openly challenge him individually to fight which Arjuna could not refuse as per the kshatriya dharma( code of conduct for the warriors)

With Arjuna safely far away from the scene, Drona gathered his army into the impregnable PADMAVYUHA and carried the battle into the Pandava camp with the sole aim of capturing Yudhistra alive.The Padmavyuha perforce had to be breached if the Kaurava army's advance to be countered and save Yudhistra from getting captured alive.It was at this juncture that Yudhishtra himself requested Abhimanyu to breach the vyuha as he was the only person available who knew how to do it.Even when Abhimanyu told that though he knew how to breach the vyuha, he did not know how to extricate himself from it, Yudhistra asked him not to worry and promised that the Pandava army will follow him once he was able to breach and enter the Padmavyuha.

So it was at the instance of Yudhistra, that Abhimanyu entered the padmavyuha, though even his charioteer advised him against it.

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