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Change Your Vocabulary

Do you believe that Mantras have power or energy? Or Do you think that chanting Mantras can impact your energy field? If your answer is yes then I would like to share with you that like mantras all negative words, which we use in our daily life like Stress, depression, anger, canít, wonít, mistake, etc. also impact our energy field but in negative form and weaken our energy field.

Before going further let me share with you that since birth, knowingly and unknowingly, our mind has learned how to feel at the utterance of a particular word. For example if you will think about the word UNHAPPY your mind knows that it is the time to feel sad. If you use word LOVE mind knows that it the time to feel affectionate and caring.

Actually words impact the energy field through our feelings if you want to check it then bring a smile on your face you will immediately realize that your mind is feeling relaxed and frowns of your forehead have gone. That much is the power of words/ thought. The challenge is that many time they work in automated way and without our awareness so we fail to stop the recurring damage on our energy field and body system.

There is a study which says that out of total words, we speak daily, 50% are negative, 30% are positive and 20% are neutral. No doubt why we all are always surrounded with negativity.

Do you know often we donít use negative word because they are necessary to express our feelings but :-

a) Due to peer pressure as all are using it or considering them cool.

b) Our mind and body has become used to of these words/feeling and they work as stimulant.

c) We think it is natural to use them or there is no other way out.

d) Or That's what we been thought since childhood.

As a results dialogues which could have been easily expressed through the positive words we express them with negative statements and harm our own energy fields. Slowly without our knowledge it becomes our habit and which in turns keep on deteriorating our energy field so much that we left with no energy to face even a small ups and down of our life.

Therefore it is high time to relook at our vocabulary and choice of words so:-

a) We have to stop using or minimize the usage of negative words like I am stressed, I canít do, Nothing is going right, etc.

b) In case we have stuck in the situation where we to explain something using negative words only then we have to restrict that to the minimum words and statement. For eg if you met with an accident and someone calls you to find out how are you then instead of sharing with him the whole story just answer him I am good now. The idea is to minimize the usage of negative word as much as possible and maximize the usage of positive words. For example if you got an award today and someone asks you then elaborate in as much detail as possible.

c) Next is that even if you are feeling negative replace them with positive thoughts i.e If you are not feeling good and someone ask you about your wellbeing you should say I am perfect/great.

These rules are not only in regards to you but also for talking about someone else. Because ultimately it is going to impact your energy level as well relationship with him also.

Initially it will difficult for you to remember so you have to keep yourself in the company of Satsang through reading and listening and have to remind yourself about it again and again.

I am sure by now you all know that implementation is the keyÖ..

Wishing you a very very positive vocabulary!!!

URL: http://www.speakingtree.in/blog/change-your-vocabulary

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