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Is Peace Possible through Religions?

Is Peace Possible through Religions? Today’s burning problem is the universal establishment of peace in the world. Is peace possible through Religions? If the answer is yes….then the question arises: why there is unrest in the world among people of different faiths? Why there is violence in the name of Religion? Why do people fight in the name of Religion when Religions preach Peace? If Religions are meant for humanity what has made man mad? If The Vedas or The Quran, or The Bible or the Kalpa Sutra or The Pentateuch or Torah or The Avesta or The Dhamma Pada teaches Peace, why there is violence in the name of Religions? What has gone wrong with all these Religions that the followers are at daggers drawn and are ready to kill one another and have become not human but monsters? Where does the loathsome canker lie?

The loathsome canker lies at the misunderstanding of the Religious messages. The Religion is for the uplift of mankind. It has come into being for the good of human being then how can Religion teach violence? It is we the greedy, the selfish and the egocentric people who have made Religion a means for our avarice. This acquisitiveness has led us to use the Religion for our selfish ends, and hence there are problems in the world.

Religions teach us to be free from avarice but we are greedy.

Religions teach us to be egoless but we are full of arrogance.

Religions teach us to be tolerant but we are intolerant.

Religions teach us to be free to adhere to any faith, but we propagate mine is right.

Thus we have gone against Religions. We are NOT taking Religion for what it REALLY is and hence there are problems in the world, and hence there is unrest in the world, and hence there is violence in the name of Religion in the world. The true spirit of Hinduism does not lie in distributing arms to the people or arsonning the innocent missionaries of Charity, but the true spirit lies in the magnanimity of the Vedas and the Upanishads that teach the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, (The Universe is one Family).

Similarly the true spirit of Islam does not lie in attacking the Akshardham or bombing the Parliament and crashing down the World Trade Centre. The True Islam lies in following the basic principles ordained by Allah for the welfare of the Humanity. The true spirit lies in following the Path of the Prophet and right understanding of The Qu’ran and the Hadith.The True spirit of Christianity does not lie to have an eye upon other’s wealth but it lies in loving thy neighbour more than thy self. There is an urgent need of the day to be a True Hindu or a True Muslim or a True Christian or a Jew or a Jain or a Buddhist or a Sikh. The Christianity that teaches to love thy neighbour more than thyself can surely help bring about Peace in the world as much as the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam of the Hinduism or Asalamo Alaykum of Islam (i.e. I wish thy safety and security the words for greetings) or Ahimsa of Jainism. The only condition is to take the Religions into their true Spirit.

The Religion if followed in its true spirit can bring about peace in the world but Ritualism or rather ritual oriented Religion does not help to bring about peace in the world. The Religious rituals or traditions make man bigot or fanatic. Each word of a Religious scripture must be taken into its true sense and need be understood and interpreted with reference to context and I dare say if there is an urgent need to reinterpret it in the interest of Humanity, it must be reinterpreted. If the need arises to interpret any Religious Scripture in the interest of Humanity, I would favour a new Semantics for Religion. The world’s Intellectual Community need prepare this New Semantics of Religions and put before the people at large to save the humanity. (Allusion towards the interpretation of Jihad)

Needless to say that down from the oldest Vedic Religion to the latest Bahaism, all Religions teach Peace, love, Brotherhood and compassion. The Qu’ran teaches as much love, compassion, brotherhood, kindness, and peace as The Vedas, Upanishads, The Bhagwad-Gita, The Bible and the other sacred scriptures of the world Religions. The teachings and the practices of Prophet Mohammed show us that he taught equality, love, kindness, and generosity towards all.

Islam and Peace: The very word Islam means Peace and surrender to the will of Allah. The followers of Islam therefore Muslims are none but the angels of peace. Islam does not have any place for those who have deviated from the right path. In this context I would like to remind the Quranic verse in which it is prayed to Allah to show the right path of those upon whom the mercy of Allah was bestowed and not of those who have deviated from the right path. (Sura AL-Fatiha Qu’ran.)

Islam can help to spread and establish universal peace because Islam believes in:

1. Equality

2. Justice

3. Love

4. Compassion

5. Tolerance

6. Humanity

7. Brotherhood

8. Free from Avarice (Lower instincts)

9. Free from Greed and Ego

If all these principles are taken into their true spirit, there shall be Peace…Peace and only Peace. All Religions do teach these Principles but Religions are NOT taken for what they REALLY are. IF Religions are taken for what they REALLY are there will be universal Peace.

If we see the history of Islamic Mysticism or Sufism we come across numerous Saints who have taught universal love and brotherhood. These saints have not only taught the principles of love, brotherhood and non-violence from their own religion but they had rather interwoven the principles from almost all religions of the world. They never felt any discrimination between this religion and that religion. They regularly held Samas (Musical Religious Meetings), in which people of all religions could take part to sing hymns in praise of the Lord. The Sufis from Hallaj Mansoor to Moinuddin Chisti and from Rabia to Rumi or from Baba Farid to Anwar Kazi or Pir Inayatkhan taught message of universal love and brotherhood. The Muslim poets either Persian Urdu or Hindi always talked about peace and prosperity and altruism among people without any distinction of caste creed or religion. If we talk about the Indian poets and Saints, Kazi Anwar has interwoven in his poems the love for Lord Krishna as much as a Gujarati poet Dayaram had filled in his poetry. We find the devotion of Mira in the love poems of Rumi and the Bhajans of Anwar Kazi. All these Sufi saints and poets have shown us the path to realize God or the Supreme Reality.

The teachings of all these Sufi saints and poets must be added to school curriculum so that the children can develop a sense of respect towards all Religions and imbibe the teachings of the great Saints that all religions ultimately lead to the same goal,and all Religions are for the uplift of mankind.

Peace is possible through Religions only when:

1. Religion is taken into its true spirit.

2. Tolerance towards all Religions must be cultivated.

3. Respect and regards for all Religions is taught as school curriculum.

4. Principles of Equality, Justice, Love, Compassion, brotherhood among the people of different faiths and the stories related to such principles from different Religions must be high lighted and spread to people enmasse.

5. The persons spreading hatred among people of different faiths in the name of Religion must be stopped and there must be a backing of the state. The intellectuals must come forward to ward-off such evil doers.

6. Instead of conferences and seminars in the closed rooms the intellectuals need come out in the open sky and merge with the people and make them aware of the reality.

7. False propaganda against any Religion will be stopped.

8. Spread love and brotherhood among people, stop hatred, odium and xenophobia.

9. Where there are doubts and controversies regarding the interpretation of the Religious Texts (such as the case of Jihad), a reinterpretation need be agreed upon by the intellectuals and a New Semantics of Religion need be put forward.

10. When Religion shall not be used for personal selfish gains.

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372 of 754 people found the following review helpful:

   , Aug 29 2005
Reviewer: mr.Bipin Pancholi

Excellent thoughts for univrsal peace

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359 of 729 people found the following review helpful:

   , Aug 21 2005
Reviewer: Dr. Bhavna Trivedi

Dr. Intaj Malek has grapped the root of the problem of peace. This is the best diagnosis and the prescription is also effective hence the best prognosis

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364 of 740 people found the following review helpful:

   , Aug 21 2005
Reviewer: Baker Momin

I read this article. The ideas presented need be put into practice.

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