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Two sides to a coin.

Two Sides to a coin....


We have all had times when we could pride ourselves over a quality that added to our assets or times when we had to chide ourselves over a quality that adds to our weaknesses.There is this a cord of Balance in every single quality in this dualistic world -So delicate is this boundary so much so that if it adds to our positives if confirmed to and to our weakness if transgressed.

Are you a Frank ,Outright character?

Take care,You may cross over to belong to one of the societal better-to-avoids!

Are you an Assertive character?

Hey,Don't fight your way to become a Dictator!

Or You happen to be a very tolerant character?

Be wary,the world will be only too pleased to have another doormat!

Perhaps You are very amiable and Trustful of others.

Remember this could be a forerunner to being Exploited.

Or Do you pride yourself for your sense of alertness?

Hey,Remember to take note of some nice people around.

Are You an Extroverted and Life-is-a-Party type?

Don't lose out on the tremendous peace that Silence can give.

Are You a personification of Ambitiousness and Pushiness?

Hey,Don't miss out on the beauty of Simple Living and Little joys of everyday Life!

Well,This is not all!

The human mind is indeed a complex sea of emotions.

And the ones who can control such a tempest do indeed scale the truest heights and are worthy of some finest Admiration!Indeed!

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