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The Neem Tree

We were transferred to Pondicherry, a small territory in South India,from Pune. The first and the important thing we missed was our frequent trips to Shirdi.

Through one of his friends,my husband came to know about a newly built Sai temple in Pondy. From that time we used to go to that temple whenever we get a chance.

I wanted to buy “Sai satcharitha” from Shirdi, but didn’t get a copy. After reaching Pondy, I happened to meet a friend with whom I had a conversation about Baba. She offered me her copy of Satcharitha, and thus I got the opportunity to read it.

When we came to the new house in Pondy, we planted a neem tree. My husband and I like the cool shade of the evergreen neem. Moreover it is the *“Kaamadhenu” among trees, as it is explained in Satcharitha.

I confide a true friend in Sai, niche of my citadel…

Whenever I am in trouble, I trust him and leave all my pain to him. To my great relief all the time he returns peace and blessings. Evenings when I used to water the plants in my garden including the small neem, I get the smoothing touch from the neem leaves, as if wiping away all my sorrow….for that the whole tree has to bend it’s branches on me in the cool breeze. I enjoyed it everyday….

But it didn’t last for long. We are staying in a rented house. One day our house owner came and suggested us of cutting all the trees including the neem tree, as its roots may harm the foundation and the compound wall. I couldn’t say anything but accept that. We arranged a man to cut the trees.

The man came one Sunday evening. He started to do his job.

Suddenly it started raining heavily, that too with fierce lightning and thunder. Power also went off. I was worried for I knew that all these are symptoms of my Baba’s protest against cutting his favourite tree.

*Kaamadhenu-Heavenly cow that fulfills all our desires

But nothing can be done. My husband consoled me that it is not at all our fault. That day I longed to be at Baba’s feet. But for a long week we couldn’t do that because of one or the other reason. The very next day of cutting the neem tree, two strange things happened. My husband lost our car key in the office. Even after a long search he couldn’t find it anywhere. Other thing was the missing of a stack of old newspapers kept in the verandah. These things never happened before in my life.

And the last of the things, happened on a Sunday morning, exactly a week after the cutting. Usually my husband gets up earlier than me. When he opened the front door, he stepped into something soft. He looked down and was shocked to see a dead rat, which was awfully cut into pieces by a cat. He cleaned up everything before I woke up, as he doesn’t want to worry me further.

But he couldn’t resist to tell me that. After hearing I resolved to visit Baba at once and we decided to do it that evening itself.

In the evening after surrendering before His feet only I became relieved. A cool breeze of peace flew into our mind.

Next day I got a call from my husband that he got the lost car key from his seat. The whole week he was searching for that which was hidden in his own seat. And he got it just the day after the Darshan!

The other thing remained a mystery…..

Eventhough I’m a Science Post Graduate, I believe that everyone must be having faith and experience in some personification of the Supreme force, which lies above us

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   neem tree, Mar 28 2007
Reviewer: tippu-raj

baba is there ,but it is essential for the house owner to cut the tree .because may temples were removed during the highway extensions.God sees all these but he wants the people happy by the new roads in their transport any way baba is the ultimate u every one

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