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Registration now open for Camp Jano India
Date: May 12 2011 Submitted By:   Sandra Rea-McGinty

Registration now open for Camp Jano India,
offering children unique learning opportunities!

Known for offering effective education, teaching Hindi at various
learning levels and sharing knowledge about India’s diverse cultural
history throughout the school year, USHA now opens its exciting week-
long language and cultural enrichment camps to full summer program.
Camps begin June 13!

May 10, 2011 – Bay Area, Calif. – One thing that parents everywhere
can agree on is that they want to best and most diverse learning
experiences for their children. They also want their kids to have fun
while learning during their summer break. Fortunately for parents and
children in the Bay Area, the U.S. Hindi Association (USHA) opens its
fun-filled Camp Jano India June 13 and runs week-long camps all
summer. Camp-goers learn about incredible India and its celebrated
cultural beginnings. They learn Hindi in fun ways, too, including art,
song, dance and interactive learning tools and games!

USHA Director, Ruchita Parat, says that the camps are
structured to offer a lot to children of all ages and ethnicities in
the Bay Area.

“Each camp runs for one week, though you may decide to enroll your
child for more weeks,” explains Parat. “We recommend at least two
weeks, because children of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds will
have a better chance to learn the Hindi language and about the Indian
culture the more camps they attend. We offer our Hindi language camp
in the morning and cultural enrichment camp in the afternoon. These
week-long camps will run throughout the entire summer to provide a
very well-rounded and fun learning experience to all who attend.”

Language (immersion class): 9:30 – Noon

Cultural Study (taught in English): 1:00 – 4:00

Parat says that while the Hindi classes are immersion studies, the
cultural camps are taught in English and that three distinct areas are

“I invite all parents to visit our website and read about our camps on
our blog, where they will learn about the three areas of cultural
study and the fun ways we teach about: 1) Incredible India, 2)
Celebrate India and 3) I Love India! Our teachers and volunteers truly
enjoy teaching and interacting with the children,” says Parat. “We can
tell by the smiles on our campers’ faces that they enjoy the
activities, too. That gives us a great sense of joy!”

The cost of our camps is $325 per week. A discount of $25 for each
additional child registered and each additional week is applied. For
more information about Camp Jano India, contact Director Ruchita Parat
at 650.493.1566 or at director@eduhindi.com. Visit USHA’s blog at www.janoindia.com
. LIKE their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/janoindia and follow
them on Twitter. Links are easily found on the website.

URL: www.janoindia.com

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