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The 5-year Mahabharata Journey

Schedule Sat, 08 May 2021  6:00 PM EST
Venue Navatman, Inc

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The 5-year Mahabharata Journey

Darbar 2021:

The Royalty of the Mahabharata

Bringing a 2000 year old text to life through dance and music

In the game of chance,

you don’t always get your way,

The dice isn’t always in your favor

the outcome is seldom one you savor.

verses, 3 translations researched, 7+ adaptations read, and thousands
of hours of work bring us a 5 year project: The Mahabharata translated
to film and to theater by Navatman.

an artistic team with decades of experience, advisors from various
academic standpoints, and a range of artists from all over the country,
the Navatman team is putting together a 3 part series that you won’t
want to miss.

invite you to Navatman’s Darbar 2021 to be the first few to discover
the immense and poignant philosophies that color the Mahabharata, and
get a glimpse of Navatman’s expertise firsthand: the ability to
translate and weed
through the various philosophies held within texts, bring together art
forms from across India, and weave together a singular story that will
impact generations to come.

Your ticket comes with a complimentary Mahabharata inspired cocktail kit shipped to your door!

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Organized by Navatman

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