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Hi, My new project is in Ann Arbor MI from Omaha NE. Please suggest a apartment/area which has strong desi community and good school district for my children and near to work place. ( Like in Omaha its WEST Omaha). Please suggest apartment. Thanks, Rahul -Rahul View Answer
Hello, My name is Tanooj Chandra and I'm looking to sublease/share an apartment. If anyone interested or has any idea about it please let me know here or call me directly at +1(312)-468-5835. -TANOOJ CHANDRA ADDAGUDU View Answer
Hi Guys, I am Abhi and my hobbies are most of the time I spend on topics which speaks Hinduism. so today I went through the topic on "Agni" Link: https://www.eknazar.com/Topics/Articles/topicListCategoryDetail.php?id=8986&cid=1&sid=27 just read the article this is very interesting to know about the Agni deva and his wife Swaha devi. I hope you all will have some information on AGNI. My intention is to have at-least minimum knowledge on Hinduism. Stay tuned... -Unknown View Answer
Looking for Ghodiyu(Indian Style Hammock), please let me know if anyone has.Punit - 3174787227 Clicks:15 Closed: N Profile Q:N -Punit Singhi View Answer
Hello , I am Abhinandan TS from Bangalore now in DALLAS for the AKKA CONVENTION . I am Longevity Educator and Global Business Consultant for Earning Globally through a Proven established Global Japanese Company . I am looking for Associations and Organizations to Conduct a 4hr FREE Presentation on this DEVICE for TRUE HEALTH Leading to LONGEVITY. I can Send you the Videos after you call me on my Number +1 917 460 6715 or WhatsAPP me on that above Number with your Name , EMail ID Profession and City . You will Understand briefly when you contact me ON WhatsAPP . Send me some Asscociatations number and Organizations where I can conduct a 4hr Presentation , Thank you A -ABHINANDANA TS Unanswered
Hi, Looking for travel companion for my mother from Dallas(DFW) to Hyderabad in emirates airlines on Sep 17th 2018. Please text me if anyone travelling on same iteanary. -Bhaskar Unanswered
Looking for a shared room space within a mile distance from Independence pkwy and Parker rd intersection in Plano TX 75075 -Vamsi View Answer
I ma looking for a doctor for my Visiting parents. They dont have any insurance in USA. Can any one suggest the best place to visit. -Siva Unanswered
Hi ! I am looking for a Baby sitter for 3 days, Monday , wednesday and friday from 9.30 am to 12.30pm. -GARIMA CHAWLA View Answer
I'm mechanical engineer got a job recently at messana, NY. anyone staying in that city please let me know if you can have space for accomodation. It is really important for me. Thank you inadvance. -Teja View Answer
Hi, I'm currently residing in Chennai and will be travelling be Irving, TX in the mid of August. Please let me know if the accommodation is still availalable. Thanks. PH: Bala - +1 469-556-1825 -RAGHAVAN Unanswered
I will be moving to a new work location at Santa Ana California, looking for a place nearby maybe in Santa Ana, Tustin or Irvine. Can you guys suggest some affordable apartments with good communities. -Alok Unanswered
Hi we are new to Boston looking for an apartment near Cambridge city where Indian also staying kindly recommend some apartment name -Suchita Unanswered
Hey guys, I'm BRIJ and I'm planning to come to USA for my studies in University body Georgia, Athens. So, I have been looking for housing and possible roommates in athens. Please let me know if you come across any affordable housing or any possible way to find roommates. -RB Unanswered
I am looking for someone in DFW who could make and deliver rotis on a weekly basis (around 80). -nsen View Answer
Looking for a good IT training and consulting company with good job placement in Hawaii (preferably). I do not require a visa just a good job as Business Analyst. -Harshita Ojha View Answer
Hi, i am currently residing in Houston and looking for Texas based(India) Groom for my daughter. Is there any matrimonial site for Indian Community ? -Ms. Cumar Unanswered
Does any one have the cogAT level 13 book with you and want to sell? -GM Unanswered
Hello there , We are a family of three- Mom(50), Dad(61) and myself(26). We plan to move to the US permanently in 6 to 8 months. We need some guidance from you: Housing,Financial and Medical related. Housing- Please suggest safe neighborhoods with high Indian population in Dallas Metro area, preferably town home, good school district not required. Financials- Will there be any job opportunities for my Dad at this age( Even $1200 a month works)? Please advice. Medical- Since my parents will be old, could you suggest some healthcare options for them ? Please provide some details. General Question- In general will parents of this age be able to adapt to the Dallas Lifestyle if they live in an Indian Community? Thanks a million for your help. -Kanika View Answer
Hiee...I am a housewife looking for a part time job in irving!! -Swati View Answer
Hello, I am experienced Threader and looking for eyebrow threading job. Location:- Plano, Allen, Frisco or around area. If you have job please let me know. Thanks -Nirmala Unanswered
Hello, We are looking for a full-time nanny who can drive to Natick to care for our one month old son. Please reach out if interested. Thanks, Ramya -Ramya Unanswered
Hello, We are looking for a full-time nanny who can drive to Natick to care for our one month old son. Please reach out if interested. Thanks, Ramya -Ramya Unanswered
Title: Need assistance during Travel from Dallas to Bengalure by Etihad on 20th Sep 2017 Location: Dallas-Texas Posted Date: Sep 6th 2017 Description Hi All My parents are travelling back to India (Bengalure) by Etihad airlines on Sep 20th starting from DFW. Could you please contact me if anyone are travelling during the same date and can assist them during transit and other immigration. Thank You Sreenivasulu Guduru gslulu@hotmail.com -SREENIVASULU GUDURU Unanswered
Hi.. Need someone who can deliver food to from irving/plano/tx downtown Dallas. Can pay 20$ for delivery. And will pay for the food seperately. -Nag View Answer
Hi, Soon planning to move to Cincinnati.Can any one please suggest good apartments for Rent,where most Indian live. -Ank Unanswered
I am moving to indianapolis and want to live in an indian community , ple let me know which is a good place ,where I can live with indians. -Shobha View Answer
I am looking for a travel companion from Chicago Ohare to Hyderabad and planning to reserve the ticket for the month of October 2 week for my mother-in-law. I am flexible with booking dates before week ( 1st week or 3rd week of October as well). Please do let us know if any one interested. Can contact on ph: 3615228655. -Mohan Raju Unanswered
I am planning to relocate to Chennai in 2nd week of April 2018. If anybody is moving to Chennai in the similar timeframe and looking for container to move the households, please let me know we can share the container. For information, I have single bedroom work of stuff to move. -Vel View Answer
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