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BUSINESS ANALYST (BA) TRNG: New Batch Nov 25 . Join Free Demo. No Fees Required. FREE JOB PLACEMENT

Sep 26th 2017, Location: Dallas,Texas



Please visit our website www.qabatraining.com to receive complete training program information.

Contact US
Phone: 3479735644
E-mail: traininginfoquickenitcareer.com

Quicken IT Career (QIC) is widely renowned for providing outstanding training programs and placement assistance which meet participants’ criteria and satisfaction.

In QIC, all the courses are conducted by a team of training instructors who have years of experience and good professional records in the American business and industry sector.

Our training courses are well researched and designed that covers present job market what the company is exactly looking for. Although you do not have any IT degree and experiences, you are welcomed here and join our free demo class its 100% free.

Our Next Batch Starting from 11/25 Saturday. 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Our location is 415 East Airport, Fwy Irving 75062, TX, Suite 3 #375

Training Address:
415 East Airport Fwy Irving
75062 TX Suite 3 #375
Time : 2 PM - 6PM

Class Schedule>> Online & In-Class>>
1ST Group ( Weekend): Business Analyst:11/25(SAT & SUN): 2:00 pm-6:00 PM

Our Business Analyst Specially Design with less theory (30%) and more practical (70%)

Build Your Resume: Become a Certified BA
We provide 100% Guaranteed Agile/Scrum Master Certificationfrom internationally accredited Institute for Business Analyst (BA)
You will receive 100% Free Certification Training from Quicken IT Career


• Join our QA and BA training courses and be the most qualified QA and BA candidates.
• Learn different concepts of QA and BA from the industry experts, having a wide experience in the field.
• Gain an understanding of everyday challenges that professionals face during a project while working in a company.
• Learn more real-life time examples, skills, theoretical and practical knowledge for landing a job successfully.
• Opt for our certification programs to get recognized as BA and QA professional across the globe.
• Lean the skills of writing award-winning or career winning resume as well as tips which will land you in the job.
• Get more than 50 real life interviewer questions and answers and seek advice and tips for cracking a job first interview in a successful manner.
• Our QA and BA training has a significant influence on the salary as QA and BA practitioner.
• Procure on-job support, 100% placement support, mock interview sessions, free job hunt and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Who can join in this course?
US Citizens, Green Card- EADs, F1-OPT/CPTs
Fresh Graduates/designer, programmer, project managers, accountant, nurse, administrative, banker, consular, sales, information technology and much more
If you have several years of working experiences Non- IT filed
If you hold any degree from around the world
Course Outline details for Business Analyst (BA)
Please visit our website www.qabatraining.com to read complete course details.

Week 1: Overview of Business Analyst (Free Class)
 Discussion of the detailed course outline.
 What is business analysis?
 Who is a business analyst?
 Why become a business analyst?
 Realistic approach: How to become a business analyst?
 Today’s Job market and opportunity for Business Analyst.
 Advice for new business analyst and the path career.
 Which certification is right for you.
 Live training on Multiple Industry tools
 Eight skillsets of a Business Analyst to getting hired
 Preparing for a job interview questions and answers-
 Resume preparation – (Most Important)
 Individual Job Placement Support and On-Job Support?

Week 2: Business Analyst Fundamentals
 Important Business Analyst Glossary and Industry Terms.
 Understanding the requirement(s), IT Industry and Domains.
 What is the role of Business Analyst in An Organization?
 Characteristics of a Successful Business Analyst.
 Hierarchical Structure of BA Team Within Business Industry.

Week 3: Requirement Documentation Knowledge
 What is a requirement?
 What is a project?
 What is a business rule?
 What is Business Requirement Document (BRD)?
o How to create BRD?
 Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
o How to Create FRD?
 What is Business Case?
 What is Project Charter/plan?
 What is Problem statement?
 What are Vision and Scope?
 What is Requirement Management Plan (RMP)?
 What is Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)?
 Understanding Business Requirements.
 User level requirements.
 System Requirements.
 Functional requirement.
 Non-Functional Requirement.
 Week Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
 What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
 Important of SDLC in software development process.
 Different phases involved in SDLC
 Requirement Analysis
 System Design
 Implementation/Coding
 Testing
 Deployment
 Maintenance
 Role of BA in all the phases of SDLC
 Requirement Elicitation Techniques in SDLC
 Joint Application Development (JAD) (Most Important)
 Document analysis
 Interface analysis
 Storyboarding
 Prototyping (storyboarding, Navigation flow, Paper Prototyping etc.)
 One-on-one interviews
 Groups Interviews
 Requirements workshop
 Focus Group
 Brainstorming
 Direct Observation
 Indirect Observation
 Survey/Questionnaires

Week 4: Software Development Engineering Process
 Overview of Software Engineering Process
 Waterfall model
 V-Model
 Iterative Model
 Agile (Scrum/Sprint) Model
 Rational Unified Process (RUP)
 Comparison of different software engineering processes
 Pros and cons of the waterfall and agile model of software development.
 Waterfall vs Agile: which is the right Development methodology for your project?
 Unified Modeling Language (UML)
 What is Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram?
 How to create UML diagrams?
 UML Diagram Types.
 Use case diagram
o Use case diagrams objects
o Simple use case diagram
o Complex use case diagram
 State diagram
 Activity diagram
 Mockup/Prototype
 Swimlanes diagram
 Wire Frames using MS Visio
 Understanding Use case
 What is a Use Case?
 How do you write a Use Case?
 Understanding Elements of Use Case
 Example Use Cases
 Understanding User Stories
 What is a User Story?
 How to write User Stories?
 User story template
 Example of user story
 Understating the role of BA in Managing stakeholder
 Who are stakeholders, and why do they matter
 Stakeholder Needs and Interests
 Handling Stakeholders Conflict
 Identify and understanding the stakeholders

Week 5: Different types of testing
 Unit testing
 Smoke /Sanity testing
 Integration testing
o Big Bang approach
o Incremental approach
 Bottom up approach
 Top down approach
o System testing
 Black box testing
 White box testing
o Functional Testing
o GUI and Unit Testing
o White Box Testing
o Black Box Testing
o Negative & Positive Testing
o Load/Performance Testing
o Stress Testing
o Comparability Testing
o Regression Testing
o User Acceptance Testing
 Business Requirement Gathering tools
 Rational Requisite Pro
 Enterprise Architect
 Microsoft Vision
 Axure

Week 6: HP Quality Center (QC)/ALM
 How to change the defect status?
 How to view defect details?
 How to get a list of high priority defects?
 Defect analysis
 Standard Defect Report
 Tabular Defect Report
 Defects with Linked Tests and Runs
 Fixed or Rejected Defects Detected by Current User
 Opened Defects assigned to Current User
 Reports Selected
 Graphical Analysis
 How to view Summary Graph?
 How to view Progress Graph?
 How to view Defect Age Graph?
 How to view Trend Graph?

Structured Query Language (SQL)
 Overview of SQL
 Introduction to database
 Changing Data in Table
 SELECT Statement
 UPDATE Statement
 DELETE Statement
 INSERT INTO Statement
 DISTINCT Keyword
 WHERE Clause
 LIKE Condition
 Sorting Techniques
 Operators
 Data Definition Language (DDL)

What you will learn from this course
• Basic concepts of BA & BA Knowledges & Skills
• Learn the Lifecycle of a BA & QA within a project
• Understand the difficulties looked by the BA & QA during a project
• Learn how to handle the project from a BA & QA viewpoints
• Learn the latest tools &software testing processes and techniques used in the market
• Understand the roles of BA & QA and undertakings they perform
• Gain more practical knowledge to successfully land in the job market
• Learn how to make impeccable resume that suits your experience level and industry to get the job
• Learn how to prepare for a job interview to get your dream job: How to beat other participants? How to make the first impression?, How to increase interview confidence? How to use proper body language before attending the interview. Face challenging questions. Learn how to win interview via skype/win phone

Contact US

 Phone: 3479735644
 E-mail: traininginfoquickenitcareer.com
 Website: www.qabqtraining.com

Click Here for more information.

Contact: Quicken IT Career

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