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Trying to hide your emotions at work place?

Faking emotions is always a bad idea and doing it at your workplace is even worse. But why is that so? Well, science has an answer to your query.

The idea that someone can fake a positive attitude to elicit real-life benefits – often backfires when used with co-workers, a new study suggests.

Instead, making an effort to actually feel the emotions you display is more productive, according to the research, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Emotions have no place in the professional world but it's always a good idea to show your real side

While conducting this study, the research team analysed that two types of emotion regulation people use at work: surface acting and deep acting.

"Surface acting is faking what you're displaying to other people. Inside, you may be upset or frustrated, but on the outside, you're trying your best to be pleasant or positive," said study researcher Allison Gabriel, Associate Professor at University of Arizona in the US.

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