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Do not shout at children

It is often noticed that the parents turns into stringent ring master from a friend as soon as their child joins school. The parents habits change from playing to impose discipline. The parents start instructing their kid on how to sit, eat, do this and do not do that.

Sometimes parents shout at their ward for not holding pencil in right hand or for eating with left hand. And all this happens at the top of the parents’ voice or in a scolding manner. Is it necessary?

Children learn as they grow, their skills improve as time passes, practice makes perfect. Then why do the parents expect their child to do the perfect stroke the very first time they write their first number or first alphabet? Or expect the child to get a score of 95/100 for every examination paper?

Parents do not want their child to appear more stupid than other children in class. Parents do not want their child to feel inferior in class. Parents want to be proud of their child so the child must be the best in class. Parents worry that their child may not be promoted to the next level. Finally, parents want to hear praises about them, how well they have trained their child.

Your child will never appear stupid in-front of anyone, unless you feel he is stupid. Your child will not feel inferior unless someone did a comparison, are you the one that is actually making him feel inferior because you compared him with someone else? How you feel about him matters more than anyone in the world.

Your child should always be the pride of your life, for the simple reason, he is your child; not because he did well in school or came in first in any competition. What about children who are born handicap? Their parents still feel proud of them. Just because they are their kids.

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