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Why do Hindus Worship Idols?

If Muslims can worship without idols, then why can't Hindus do the same?

Hinduism is considered one of the two most ancient religions. (The only other ancient religion is Zoorastrianism.)

Hinduism is not about idol worship only. Any religion could be mocked about if a person is bent upon misconstruing the things and picking up one issue or other to put the religion in poor light. You may question me why I say that. The answer is: because every religion be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or any other religion is basically a belief system. A religion cannot always be tested on the anvil of science. A Christian cannot be asked to prove that Jesus was the son of God. Because, a religious belief is a secrosant thing and it cannot be called into question or asked to befit any logic. You must even if you are a Hindu, Muslim or adherent of any other religion respect the Christianity and the Christian beliefs.

So is true with Hazrat Mohammed. Muslims believe that he was ambassador of the God. This is the basic premise which the Islam rests upon. You cannot ask any Islamic preacher to prove if Hazrat Mohammed was really an ambassador of the God. Because, that is the most fundamental thing to the Islam and is a secrosant belief of the Muslims. Everyone be he Hindu, Christian or of any other faith must respect the Islam and the Islamic beliefs.

Coming to Hinduism. Why do Hindus worship idols when Muslims do not? I repeat Hinduism is not about idol worship only. Hinduism admits:

Sakar Brahma. (This means God could be regarded as having a form.)

Nirakar Brahma. (This means God has no form.)

Hinduism gives freedom to worship the God in such manner as one finds one comfortable. Every worship leads one to the ultimate God, no matter how He is worshipped. That is why, there are 33 crores dieties in Hinduism. That is why, Hinduism is divided in multiple sects, sub-sects and a number of other divisions, which is not the case with any other religion at least not in such measure as it is in Hinduism.

Why do Hindus have this in-between element an idol between the God and the devotee? Because, this has an obvious advantage. If you pray before a barren wall or in the void (like, standing or sitting in an open space with sky looking at you), you have nothing to concentrate upon. Hinduism believes that a prayer could be more effective if the prayer is preceded with a visualisation present in the mind. Idol is that visualisation, an object which facilitates concentration of the mental faculties while you pray.

Let me explain the thing further. Do not my Muslim brother find solace or peace of mind when he goes to a mosque. A mosque is a physical, a 3D structure. So is the case with my Christian brother and his church. The case with idol is all the same. It is also a physical, a 3D structure. So, what wrong is there if I find solace before an idol?

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