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Hum Bhi Araam

Hum Bhi Araam Utha Saktay Thay Ghar Pe Reh Kar
Hamain Bhi Paala Tha Maa Baap Ne Dukh Seh Seh Kar

Waqt E Rukhsat Unnhain Itna Bhi Na Aye Keh K...

May 08 2014 by eKnazar

Sar Shikan Sipahi

Yeh Hawaon K Musafir , Yeh Samundaron K Raahi
Meray Sir Bakaf Mujhahid , Meray Sar Shikan Sipahi

Yeh Tera Yaqeen Mehkam , Teri Himmaton Ki Ja...

May 06 2014 by eKnazar

Sirf Jashn Manana

Nahi Sirf Jashn Manana,
Nahi Sirf Jhande Lehrana,
Yeh Kaafi Nahi Hai Watanparasti,
Yadon Ko Nahi Bhulana,
Jo Qurbaan Hue,
Unke Lafzon Ko Aag...

May 06 2014 by eKnazar

Mere Watan Ke Saath

Azm-E-Bafa Mere Watan Ke Saath,
Meri Khushiyan Mere Watan Ke Saath,
Mera Khoon Paseena Watan Ke Naam,
Ye Zazbaa Mere Khaabon Ke Saath.

May 05 2014 by eKnazar

Sada Watan

Sada Watan Ki Haar Ik Sarhad Par Goonjti Hai,
Utho Ke Tum Ko Watan Ki Miti Pukarti Hai…

May 05 2014 by eKnazar

Perfection in my Eyes

All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Part Of Your Heart,
And For Us To Be Together, To Never Be Apart.

No One Else In The World Can Even Compare,

May 05 2014 by eKnazar

How Long Is Forever

How Long Is Forever?
Is It The Rest, Of Life?
Does It Come With Our Dying Breath,
Or At The End Of Strife?

Does It Follow Along The Calenda...

May 05 2014 by eKnazar

An Angel is One

An Angel Is One Who Cares
Is Always Quick To Lend A Hand
Someone Who Listens And Shares
Someone Who Will Always Understand.

An Angel Is A B...

May 01 2014 by eKnazar

Wish You Were My Valentine

I Wish You Were My Valentine
Though I May Not Be Yours,
And I May, In My Ignorance,
Be Speaking To Closed Doors.
I Have No Inkling Of Your He...

May 01 2014 by eKnazar

Touched My Soul

For You Are The One
Who Makes Me Whole
You Have Captured My Heart
And Touched My Soul.

May 01 2014 by eKnazar

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