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Festival Special Sweet Besan Laddu

By: Sudha Lakkaniki
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Festivals
Main Ingredient: Besan (Gram Flour)
Servings: 8
Time to Prepare: 20 Mins
Calories: 100-150


Besan 1 cup
All Purpose Flour 1 cup
Bombay Ravva/semolina 1/2 cup
Cashew powder (Fried cashews) 1 tbsp
Powdered sugar 2 1/4 cup
Elaichi (Cardomom Powder) 1 tsp
Ghee 3/4 cup


In a pan slightly fry all flours and suji seperately without ghee .
Put them in a flattened mixing bowl with sugar powder, cashew powder, elaichi add ghee roasted cashew raisins & Mix them with hot ghee.
Let it cool for 3 mins and mix altogether to make a consistency of laddoos. If you feel consistency is not enough to make balls, we can add more ghee. Ready to eat

Nutritional info

Delicious sweet


Suitable for all festivals, to offer to god and the parties as well. Alter the quantities of sugar and ghee according to taste.

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