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Cottage Cheese Sanwich
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks


100 gm Panch Phoran (Mixture of five spices)
2 slices Bread
As per requirement Butter
A pinch of dried Mango Powder
A pinch of Red chili Powder
A pinch of Black Salt
1 cup crumbly paneer


Step 1: Melt some butter in a pan, sauté the paneer slices with mango powder, red chilli powder and black salt for a few minutes.

Step 2: Stuff the sautéed paneer in between the bread slices and toast it. Now you can serve it with green coriander chutney.


This is yummy and a healthy recipe. This nutritious snack can be made in minutes. It is great for breakfast, brunch and even school lunchboxes. This easy recipe makes your day special. Add this healthy food recipe in your diet book.

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