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Tohfa- A-Noor
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks


250 gm. paneer (Cottage Cheese)
50 gm khoya (Dried whole milk)
30 gm cashews
Salt and blackpepper according to your taste
200 ml. cream
Few threads of saffron
30 gm refined oil
15 gm garam masala


Step 1: Take paneer and cut it in half cm. thick slice. Shred remaining paneer pieces.

Step 2: Now mix grated khoya, salt, black pepper, cashew and raisins in it.

Step 3: Now put paneer mixture on paneer sheet. Apply coat of light warm milk mixed with saffron and thread.

Step 4: Pour little amount of saffron and milk on it. Now put it on otg and cook it lightly. Now you can serve it hot.


It is a tasty paneer recipe. This is a quick snack which is extremely easy to make. The filling is nicely sautéed and lathered with thick and hot green chutney. It is a perfect treasure trove for veggies. Surprise your beloved with this easy recipe on your weekend.

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