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Saggubiyyapu Paramannam
Region: American
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks
Main Ingredient: Sabu dana ( Saggubiyam), Milk
Servings: 4
Time to Prepare: 20 Minutes
Diffculty: Easy


* Pearl Tapioca – 150gms
* Water – 220gms
* Sugar – 100gms
* Cardamoms – 4
* Cashew Nut Pieces – 14
* Raisins – 18
* Milk – 650ml
* Ghee – 1tsp
* Ghee – 1tsp—For Frying Cashew Nut Pieces


First Cook the Tapioca(Sagubiyam). Take tapioca into a bowl and add water. Place this bowl in pressure cooker and cook.

After first whistle, cook the tapioca on low flame for 10 minutes. Allow the pressure cooker to cool down completely.

With the amount of water used, tapioca will be slightly under cooked.

Heat a pan and add ghee. When ghee is melted, add the cashew nut pieces and fry stirring on low flame. Fry the cashew nuts till they start changing color. At this stage switch off the flame and keep the pan aside—the cashew nuts will get a nice color with the heat of the pan.

Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add milk. Bring the milk to a boil and lower the flame to medium. When the pressure cooker has cooled down, remove the bowl from it and mix the cooked tapioca with a spoon. Add the cooked tapioca to the boiling milk and cook stirring. Allow the kheer to thicken a bit. Meanwhile powder the cardamoms. Take out the shells of cardamoms and powder the seeds in a mortar & pestle. When the kheer starts thickening add the cardamom powder and mix well. When the kheer id done add the fried cashew nut pieces along with the ghee and mix again. Transfer the kheer to a serving bowl when the consistency is slightly thin. Let the consistency of the be of pouring consistency as the kheerkheer thickens on cooling. While serving mix the kheer well and serve to enjoy it. Serve the kheer hot or cold as desired.

Points to Remember:
Cooking tapioca(Sagubiyam) in pressure cooker is a less messy job and time saving too.

Tapioca(Sagubiyam) takes more time to get cooked in milk when added directly to the milk.

When cooking tapioca(Sagubiyam) directly in the milk, it needs to be stirred all the while otherwise it will get burnt at the bottom of the pan. so it is advisable to cook the tapioca in a pressure cooker.

With the amount of water used to cook the tapioca, the tapioca grains will be slightly under cooked. Later when we cook this cooked tapioca in the boiling milk, it gets cooked fully. If we fully cook the tapioca in pressure cooker and then add it to the boiling milk, by the time kheer is prepared, tapioca gets overcooked and gets mixed in the milk. To see the grainy texture of tapioca follow the above procedure exactly as shown.

Transfer the kheer to a serving bowl when the consistency is slightly thin. Let the consistency of the kheer be of pouring consistency as the kheer thickens on cooling.

Let the consistency of the kheer be thinner, if serving it cold. As said earlier it thickens on cooling. Add few spoons of sugar additionally as cold kheer tastes less sweet.

For additional flavor add a little bit of edible camphor to the cardamoms while making powder.

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