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Kova Kajjikaya
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Desserts
Main Ingredient: Coconut, Milk Powder, Butter
Time to Prepare: 1 hour




Coconut Mixture Ingredients:

* 2 Cups Fresh grated Coconut, 11/2cups Jaggery(adjust as per sweet levels),3 Elachi/cardamom, 2tsp.Ghee.


* In a pan heat Ghee, once it's warm add the coconut and fry for a min., til the aroma of the coconut starts spreading. In another thick bottomed pan add jaggery, add little water to it(about 1tsp. of water), crushed elachi and fried coconut and keep on the medium flame until the whole jaggery converts into liquid(first) and then it comes together to a single mass consistency(it should be very sticky consistency), it takes approx.10-12min. Let it cool for a while(it should be little hot), then make round balls by applying little ghee to the palms.....and keep them aside.

Peda Ingredients:

* 2cups dry milk powder, 1butter stick, 1can, 14oz.condensed milk.


* In a microwave safe bowl melt the butter, add milk powder, condensed milk, mix them well and microwave them for 1min., mix well and microwave for another 2min., let it cool at bit( don't let it cool completely, it's difficult to handle it if it's cold).

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