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Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks


4 cup Whole Milk
4 tsp fresh Lemon Juice
4 tblsp dried Milk Powder
6 tblsp powdered Sugar (Cheeni)
6 tbsp Ghee
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
2 sheets Edible Silver Foil (Varq)


* Heat the milk slightly and curdle it by adding the lemon juice.
* Then hang it up in a muslin cloth to drain for 3 hours.
* The milk solids are turned into cheese now.
* Kneed this well with the milk powder and sugar.
* Heat the ghee in a heavy pan and add the cheese mixture.
* Stir-Fry over very low heat until the ghee separates.
* Remove form the heat and mix in the cardamom powder.
* Allow to cool slightly.
* Knead again to blend.
* Pat into a flat cake and cool completely.
* Cut into squares and decorate with silver foil.

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