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Fresh mango ice cream

By: srikanth
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Desserts
Main Ingredient: mango


2 tbspos chopped Alphonso mango
juice of 1 Alphonso mango
200 gms fresh cream
2 cups full fat milk
3/4 cup sugar


Set the control of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator at the highest point one hour in advance.keep aside a few mango pieces for decoration.Mix the remaining chopped mango,mango juice and sugar, Beat the cream lightly.Add the beaten cream and the milk to the mixture.pour the mixture in ice trays.The layer of ice cream should not be more than 12mm.thick. Put the trays in the freezer compartment so that each tray touches the chilling plate directly.don' put a tray over ice cubs or another tray.the ice cream will be almost set in 45 minutes to one hour(depending on the refrigerator)At the stage,remove the frozen mixture into a bowl.mix well,decorate with the rest of the mango and serve immediately.

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