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Hyderabadi Mutton Briyani

By: Padmini Seshendra
Region: Andhra
Dish:Non Vegetarian - Mutton
Main Ingredient: Mutton, basmati rice
Servings: 4 - 5persons
Time to Prepare: 45mins


.Mutton -350gms
.Basmatirice -750gms
.ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
.tumeric- 1/2tsp
.Elachi pwd- 1/2tsp
.cumin pwd - 1tsp
.oil 4tbsp
.butter 2tbsp
.redchilly pwd 1/2tsp
.green chillies(8-10) + coriander
leaves(1 bundle) both together into fine paste
.dalchi 3-4 sticks
.lavang 4+4
.sourcream(use daisy brand)- 4ounce
.lime juice -3tbsp
.water 1 cup
.onions 2medium finley sliced
.khus khus pwd - 1tbsp


. wash the mutton pcs,add gin-garlic paste,salt, cumin,elachi,redchilli pwd, chilli &corriander paste,lavang(4), dalchi(1),lime juice(1tbsp),sourcream,tumeric,safforn(soaked in milk/water),water mix well. pressure cook at hi-med upto 12steams.
.Meanwhile wash basmati rice add lavang(4), elachi(2),dalchi(1-2sticks),bayleaves(3),salt.cook untill done.Remember it should be cooked more than 3/4th cooked rice.
.In another pan heat 4tbsp+1tbsp of oil&butter and fry the onions untill light golgen brown(it should not be fry more than tht).at the end add khus khus pwd just fry for 1min. off the flame.
.Lift the pressure cooker lid and cook untill water evaporates, now add onions to the curry and cook for 2to3mins.off the flame keep aside.
. GREASE butter to oven proof pan spread the rice(make 2portions).then mutton curry(make 2 portions).then sprinkle the lime juice and little butter at the corners and middle. Repeat the same with the remained rice and curry. It u like u can add boiled egg(cut into 2halves). Cover with the foil .
. Preheat the oven at 450 F. Place the oven and bake for 10-15mins.
. Before serving mix bottom to up. up to bottom. serve hot.

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