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While steaming fish, place a piece of cheesecloth at the bottom of the pan. The fish can be lifted out without breaking.
Place rolled 'puris'in the fridge for 10 minutes before frying them. They will consume less oil and turn out crisper.
If you want to keep any salad fresh for an evening party, first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to serve the salad.
While making dosas, put two tbsps of cooked rice into the batter. The dosa will flip over easily and will be crisper.
Do not add salt to 'rajma' and 'urad dal' while boiling. It will take half the time to boil when salt is subtracted.
Sprinkle some salt in a frying pan to prevent oil from splashing.
To peel an orange or a tomato less messily, dunk it in hot water for a minute or two and then in cold water for the same amount of time. You will have an easy to peel orange or tomato.
When boiling milk, smear ghee on the edges of the vessel to prevent overflow.
To a plain carrot soup add a touch of ginger and it becomes really tangy.
A banana peel can also reduce the itching and swelling from an insect bite. Again just rub the peel on the bite or for extended relief tape some peel to the bite.
Banana peel is also loaded with potassium and can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Rubbing a fresh banana peel, yellow side out, under and around the eyes can reduce worry lines and bags.
Reduce Unwanted Facial Hair:Consume 2 cups of spearmint teas for a minimum of 5 days per week.
Use tweezers to reduce facial hair.
If you're serving a drink on the rocks, larger cubes of ice are often appreciated, as they melt more slowly than shaved ice, diluting the drink less.
A new touch in cocktail bars is the addition of a "condiment tray" of small bottles filled with lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and bitters so your guests can adjust their drinks as they see fit.
Mixing Cocktail: Holding spirit bottles by the neck makes it much easier to pour exactly the right measure.
Mixing Cocktail: Chill glasses in advance in a fridge or simply fill with water and ice to chill while your are mixing your cocktail in the shaker. A chilled glass will keep your cocktail as cool as possible, from the first sip until the last.
Small amount of leave-in conditioner will soften locks while you play volleyball or frolic in the waves?
Rinsing hair in fresh water or club soda after swimming in the ocean or pool can help keep it looking healthy?
Wash Pillow Cover and Towels Regularly: Dirty pillow covers and dirty towels aid bacterial growth, leading to breakouts. It is very important to wash pillowcases, bed sheets and towels at regular intervals. It is also a good idea to frequently wash all makeup brushes and sponges to minimize the changes of spreading bacteria.
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