Potato Raitha (Bangaladumpa Perugu Pachadi)
Submitted By: Sudha Lakkaniki
Region: Indian Dish: Vegetarian - Chutneys

Main Ingredient: Potato

Servings: 2-3

Time to Prepare: lLess than 20 min

Calories: 50-60

Potato Big (If small, take 2)
Yogurt/Curd - 1 1/2 cup
Green Chilli 2 (According to your requirement)
Red Chillies 1 (Don't cut into pieces)
Ginger - A piece of 1/2 cube
Oil - 2 teaspoons
For Seasoning -
Urad Dal, Chanadal, Mustard Seeds, Cumin seeds(Each 1/2 teaspoon)
Asafoetida (2 pinches)
Salt - According to taste
Curry Leaves and Cilantro (1 tsp each) (Optional)
Turmeric - Less than 1/4 tsp

Boil potatoes & let it cool.
Peel the Potato skin and cut into small pieces.
Mix them with curd (as per quantity mentioned if require can add more).
Add salt and turmeric.
If you want the raitha to be whiter, you can omit adding turmeric. Cut green chillies and ginger into small pieces.
Heat oil for seasoning & add Urad Dal, Chanadal, Mustard Seeds, Cumin seeds
Asafoetida (2 pinches) let them splutter and lastly add curry leaves
Mix it thoroughly in curd, Decorate lastly with cilantro. If you wish, add a pinch of pepper powder

Nutritional info
A good source of Calcium.
Limited amount of healthy carbohydrates.
Light and simple item without any spicy masalas. Easy to prepare

Allow the boiled potato to cool or atleast lukewarm to avoid the breaking of curd. Use less spice if possible as raithas are generally eaten as less spicier. You can avoid adding Red chilly in the seasoning to reduce spiciness. Goes Well both with Chapathi (roti) and Rice.

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