Chocolate Coconut Gujiya
Submitted By: Archana
Region: Indian Dish: Vegetarian - Others

Servings: 3

Time to Prepare: 30 Mins

For gujiyas
1 cup vivatta whole wheat flour
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon ghee
1/2 cup milk
Oil to deep fry

For stuffing
1 cup coconut, grated
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup dry fruits, chopped
50 grams mawa
1 teaspoon chocolate chips (optional)
1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

To begin with Chocolate Coconut Gujiya, mix all the ingredients under ‘For Gujiyas’ and knead into a soft dough. Roll out into small puris and keep it aside.

The next step is to prepare the stuffing. Add sugar, cardamom powder and coconut in a pan and cook until dry.

Now add mawa and cook again. Lastly, add dry fruits and chocolate chips. Switch off the heat and keep it aside.

To make Gujiyas, take each puri and place a little mixture in the center and fold into half. Seal the edges firmly.

Heat oil in a deep fry pan and fry the gujiyas till they turn golden in colour.

Serve Chocolate Coconut Gujiya with hot Masala Chai during tea time or you can also have it as a sweet dish during special occasions.

Chocolate Coconut Gujiya is made up with the 2 evergreen ingredients - chocolate & coconut and when it comes together, it gives you a delectable treat. The stars adds on to this when the puris are made with vivatta wheat flour, blending nutrition with taste.

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