Chicken Fried rice
Submitted By: Vahrehvah
Region: Indian Dish: Non Vegetarian - Rice Items

Servings: 4

Time to Prepare: 25 Mins

chopped ginger garlic number 1
cooked rice( left ove rice works best) cup 3
diced carrots cup 1/4
diced Celery cup 1/4
Diced chicken ( cooked) cup 1/4
diced peas cup 1/4
egg number 1
green or red chilli sauce tsp 1/2
oil tbsp 1
pepper as per taste
soya sauce tsp 2
vinegar to taste
Ajnammoto Salt pinch

Take chicken but cut into small pieces and wash.

Take a bowl add chicken,pepper,salt,cornflour and mix well and add half egg and keep it a side.

Now cook rice and keep it a side see that its not cooked too much.

Take a pan add oil to fry chicken, once chicken is cook transfer it to a plate, take the same pan but remove the oil, use only 1tsp of oil then add ginger,saute it for a min,add onion saute it,add egg, once it is cooked add pepper,salt,ajinamoto,vegetables,vinegar,soya sauce,chicken,saute it and lastly add cooked rice mix well.

Lastly add some spring onions and finish it off.

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