Bhel Puri
Region: Indian Dish: Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks

Main Ingredient: Puffed rice, onion

Time to Prepare: 10 Minutes

Diffculty: 3

Boondhi 2tbsp
Carrot grated 1tbsp
Chaat masala pinch
Coriander 1tbsp
Cucumber chopped 1tbsp
Fresh tomato 2
Green chutney as needed
Onion 1
Papadi as needed
Poha chudva to taste
Puffed rice (pori or borugulu) 250grams
Red chilli powder pinch
Sev 2tbsp
Sweet tamarind chutney as needed

Take a bowl add puffed rice add all other ingerdients execpt Sweet tamarind chutney and Green chutney

Mix well now add sweet chutney, green chutney mix well serve in a plate.

Top it of with se,sweet chutney,green chutney, coriander leaves if needed onions.

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