Tomato Chutney
Region: Indian Dish: Vegetarian - Pickles

Main Ingredient: Tamato

Time to Prepare: 15minutes

cashew nuts
cumin 1pinch
Curry leaves for flavour a small bunch
garlic 6piece
Ginger 1small piece
gr chilli 3
grated coconut optional 1/2cup
hing 1pinch
mint optional 1bunch
mustard seeds 1pinch
oil 2tbsp
Red pepper 4
salt to taste
Tamarind 30grams
Tomatoes 8
urad dal 1tsp

Take a pan.

Heat oil add mustard,cumin,red chilli,hing,ginger,garlic cashew and tamrind and saute,gr chillies,curry leaves.

Add diced tomato, salt and cook till well cooked

Blend little coarse add water to adjust required consistency and season.

Temper as shown and enjoy.

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