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Never Avoid Breastfeeding to your babies. It helps them from air pollution.

Mother's milk may protect their babies from the adverse effects of environmental pollution, suggests a new research. The researchers assessed how exposure to environmental pollution during pregnancy affects health and examine the role of diet in physical and neuro-behavioural development in infancy.

They focused on motor and mental development during the first years of life caused by exposure to the hazardous pollution particle matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The research examined two airborne toxins; pollution particle matter and nitrogen dioxide, and their effects on development of motor capacity and mental development on babies up to 15 months.

It found harmful effect on babies breastfed for at least four months. The study monitored 638 women and their newborn babies up until they were 15 months old, followed by a check-up when the children turned eight.

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