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Good Parenting

As parents, you will surely have big dreams for your children - that they grow up healthy, successful, united and loving. Are your dreams for your children about accumulation of wealth, fame, etc., or do you dream that they may grow up into educated citizens?

is said, "Hold fast to your dreams. For when dreams die, life becomes a broken winged bird that cannot fly." Most of the parents today are dedicated lot, taking keen interest in children's studies, extra-curricular activities, character formation, etc. They also have big dreams for them. But despite giving your best to the children, you will still feel that parenting is almost a daunting challenge!

While many parents helplessly watch their children getting easily affected by our grossly consumerist and competitive society, the others, knowingly or unknowingly are responsible for that. Unchecked easy access to Television viewing, net surfing, computer games, etc., have kept children busy, widening the gap between parents and children. Throwing temper tantrums by children has become a regular feature. In a desperate bid to make children happy, parents leave no stone unturned to meet their every demand, unable to draw a line between their need and greed. Parents also, unfortunately, play a pivotal role by trying to realize their unfulfilled and over-ambitious goals through their already stressed children. A fast crumbling spiritual edifice and an eroding moral value system have shaken the very fabric of our society! The problems affecting children take a huge toll on their behavior and learning.

So, to build a healthy parent-child relationship and to create a congenial atmosphere at home by reducing tension and stress, let me tell you something about good parenting and how to implement it.

Parenting is the rearing of a child, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent. Parenting is of two types mainly - positive parenting and negative parenting. In negative parenting, parents just behave with their children in the same manner their own parents behaved with them in their childhood. They use to deliver only those things to their children which they had been provided in their own childhood. They never think that the times have changed a lot. They never ask their children about their desires, likes and dislikes. They force their desires and ambitions on their young roses. In case the children commit some small mistake, they scold them like anything. This type of parenting results in a lot of fear in the children and results in stress, depression, and even suicide. But this doesn't mean that you start fulfilling the children's negative and forceful desires and start providing them those things which they really don't require. Providing IPOD, mobiles, etc., to young children when they don't require them also comes under negative parenting.

Positive parenting includes activities where rather than punishing the child for their bad behavior, their good behavior is encouraged. In case of any mistake ...


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