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Bathing Your Baby

It may surprise you to learn that babies don't need much bathing in their first year. A gentle cleansing two or three times a week is plenty. More than that and you can dry out your infant's skin. There is one part of your baby's body; however, you'll want to clean thoroughly and often. That's the diaper area, to help your baby avoid diaper rash.

Things to remember while bathing your baby :

Until his umbilical cord heals, you'll want to give your baby sponge baths only.

One thing to keep in mind before you begin is that you should never leave your baby unattended. Not even for a second.

To help keep your baby warm during his sponge bath, wrap him in a towel exposing only one body part at a time as you begin to clean him. Start with the face.

Pour about one to two inches of water into a basin or a small baby bathtub with rubber backing; also check the temperature of the bath water.

To eliminate the possibility of your baby catching a chill when you undress him, place him immediately, feet first, into the water. Then, using a small plastic cup, pour warm water gently over your infant's body.

Warm baths are a great help in preparing your little one for sleep.

When the bath is over, bundle your baby in a hooded towel. This is a neat way to keep your little one's head dry.

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