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A grand virtual musical and cultural extravaganza Nandi festival
Date: Apr 19 2021 Submitted By:   Admin

With the auspicious blessings from Shirdi Sai Baba, A grand virtual musical and cultural extravaganza Nandi festival was held by Sai Datta Peetham on Aril 17th from 9:30 am. to 10 PM. Thousands witnessed the event online. Sai Datta Peetham built the Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Edison, New Jersey. The Sai Datta Peetham organized the event in preparation for the inauguration of the Temple. Organized online in collaboration with Orange Media Concepts. The event showcased the talents of all traditional musicians. Viewers in particular are immersed in devotional music. In many languages, with many devotional songs, viewers are taken into the supernatural world.

Renowned Veena scholar Phani Narayana, along with his instrumental ensemble, rocked the audience for 2 hours via live streaming.
The devotional dance performance by renowned Kuchipudi dancer, Guru Swati Atluri, was a special attraction and also the dance medley that Divya Yeluri had previously performed with her disciple group. Moksha dance performance by Odyssey dancer Bidisha Mahanti, Kathak dance performance by Jayeeta Dutta, concerts by many artists, a concert by renowned music guru Ramachari team, veena, flute, and sitar also entertained the audience. Famous singers Hari Gunta and Mythical poems by Praveen Koppolu from Hyderabad, Vempali Akhila, and Sri Lata Moola from Vizag Sri Mata Studios are the special attraction of the festival.

Apart from this, the 139th musical Sangeetha NavaAvadhanamu performance by Meegada Ramalingaswamy was a special attraction and was led by renowned poet and singer Kibhashree.
A special Bhajan event held by Radhakrishna Sarma Kodalakalla from Hyderabad along with his team of 4 other including chorus singer.
Raghu Sharma informed the devotees that the inauguration ceremonies of Sri Shiva and Vishnu temple NJ would be held from May 2 to 8 and that it should also be a success. Explained all the special features of Sri Shiva and Vishnu Temple online along with Upendra Chivukula. Raghu Shankaramanchi said that the temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu has been made a collection of all the deities to further the spiritual glory in New Jersey. New Jersey Public Utility Commissioner Upendra Chivukula urged all devotees in New Jersey to attend the inauguration of the Shri Shiva and Vishnu Temple. Sai Datta Peetham Executive Director Ashok Baddi, Om Concept media team members, Murali krishna Medicherla, Sai Datta Peetham directors, staff, volunteers, and all SDP family members who played a key role in organizing the event were specially congratulated by Raghu Sharma Shankarmanchi. Additionally, he mentioned his special thanks to all the donors, lenders also in the support of this temple.
In the same spirit, they demanded that the inauguration of the temple on May 2 to 8 be held wonderfully.
Finally, Raghu Sharma and Upendra honored Prasad Simhadri and Aditi Bhavraju who participated live from Sai Datta Peetham and entertained with their songs.

Raghu Sarma invited all the leaders of local and national organizations online and acknowledged their commitment to their community service.
Sai Datta Peetham appreciate all the media who had supported in publishing all the news channels, news papers and radio channels and wishing their continued support in the future Prāna Prathista Mahotsav from May 2nd through 8th.

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