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Alert: from the Irving Police Dept. Crime Prevention Division
Date: Nov 07 2016 Submitted By:  

Robbery / Home Invasion Safety Tips

• Keep doors and windows locked at all times – even when you are home
o Do a nightly routine check
• Keep garage doors down and locked at all times
• Consider adding security cameras or alarms to your residence
• Hide valuables in an unpredictable place
• Consider renting a safe deposit box at a local bank
• Keep outdoor lights on after dark
• Don’t open the door to anyone you aren’t expecting
• Be aware of who you allow in your apartment; even if they are friends of friends
• If applicable, notify owner/apartment management immediately:
o If peep hole is obscured
o If door/window locks are not working properly
o If lights are out
• Keep cash at a minimum at home
• Lock doors behind you if you run to the mailbox, laundry room, take trash out or to take a pet outside
• Be aware of your surroundings at all times
• Notify police immediately if you see any suspicious activities, persons or vehicles in the area

Irving Police Department Numbers
9-1-1 (Emergency)
972-273-1010 (Non-Emergency)




Crime Statistics

URL: www.irvingpd.org

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