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In all likelihood, Backstabbers are quite pleasant and supportive on the surface. But that's a mask.Les Parrott


Backstabbers operate out of insecurity, believing they have to have perfect order to eliminate any threat to their power.Les Parrott


Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.Sam Keen


Forget not bees in winter, though they sleep, For winter's big with summer in her womb.Vita


Before the war, and especially before the Boer War, it was summer all the year round.George pseudonym


And the case of butterflies so rich it looks As if all summer settled there and died. Philip Arthur Larkin


I purpose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer. Unknown


All the live murmur of a summer's day.
Matthew Arnold


People are much more important than our busy schedules. Unknown


A yawn is a silent shout.


A true love is not shouting and yelling for your beloved, but silently struggling for her honor M.F. Moonzajer


Don't try to raise your voice, try to improve your argument. Desmond Tutu


To whom much is given, much is expected. Help others and joy will come. Unknown


The tragedy in life does not lie in not reaching your goals- it’s not always having goals to strive for. Unknown


The simpler we make our lives the more abundant it becomes. Unknown


Live a life you’re proud of and if you find you’re not, get the strength to make the changes to do so. Unknown


Anything in life can be attained through extraordinary perseverance, going that extra mile in everything you do.Unknown


Limits, like fears are just an illusion. Unknown


Fear prevents us from not living out our dreams. Don’t be fearful of the “obstacles” in your way to achieving your goals and what you really want in life. Fear is your worst enemy and can be paralyzing- you must conquer it.Unknown


If we know how to listen to our own heart we can listen to the hearts of others.Unknown

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