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Benefit Of Eating Spinach

Teacher: What's D Benefit Of Eating Spinach?

Student: Eat Spinach & U'll Grow Up Big & Strong Lyk POPYE
U'll Also End Up With A Girlfriend Who L00ks Like OLIVE
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25th anniversary

Wife: where'll u take me on our 10th aniversary?
Hsband: We'll go 2 African jungle safari.
Wife: Nice. And on our 25th aniversary?
Husband: I'll bring u back.
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A little kid
A little kid walks into a city bus and sits right behind the driver and starts yelling, "If my dad was a bull and my mom a cow I would be a little bull."

The kid goes on with several animals until the bus driver gets angry and yells at the kid, "What if your dad was a drunk and your mom was a prostitute?!"

The kid smiles and says, "I would be a bus driver.
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You are late
Boy1:You are late!.
Boy2:I had to toss a coin to decide going to church and coming to the game.
Boy1:So long?
Boy2:I had to toss 15 times for the game.
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A Gorgeous Girl Walks up 2 Professor?s Cabin & Says: I'll Do Anything 2 Pass D Exam.
Prof: Anything?
Girl: Ya
Again Prof asked anything?
Girl: Ya!!
Prof: Then Go & Study !
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Smart Answer

yourself in a boat
which is sinking
sharks all around you
what can you do 2 save yourself?
very simple

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A girl can break any relationship

The best relation ever is between TWO EYES
They blink together
move together
cry together
see together and
sleep together
Still they never see each others
But when they saw a girl
1 will blink and another will not
Moral of the story :
A girl can break any kind of relationship.

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Smart Idea
Doctor: U look exactly like my third wife..!

Lady: How many wivez do u have???

Doc: Two !

Moral: Express smart ideas
"Smarty .
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What Women want?

The w0rld?s thinnest b00k is titled by,
What W0men Want?
It has 0nly 0ne w0rd written in it,

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2 FrIeNds oN tHeIr wAy

2 FrIeNds oN tHeIr wAy To A fASt Food FoR diNnEr
1st oRdErS:Double ChEeSe wItH eXtRa cHeEsE aNd eXtRa mAy0s
1St:DiEt cOkE I aM oN diEt!
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Mobile with free SMS
How Can A Father

Make His Daughter

Walk On The Street

Looking Down The Earth??

Just Gift Her A Mobile With Free Sms
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inside or outside

Mr.inside went 2 c Mr.outside. Inside standing outside called Outside outside but Outside standing inside called Inside inside when Inside came inside Outside went outside 2 c Inside then Outside called Inside outside but Inside from inside called Outside inside . . Now where is your Brain . inside or outside?
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I Think Uve Had

Bartender: I Think U've Had Enuf Sir !
Drunk: I Just Lost My Wife, Buddy !
Bartender: Well, It Must Be Hard Losing A Wife
Drunk: It Was Almost Impossible
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A man traveling at 130

A man traveling at 130 mph on th highway ws stopped by highway police.
Man:Sorry,officer was I driving too fast?
Officer: No,sir.U were flying too slow.
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Waiter, Waiter

Customer Shouted:

Waiter, Waiter !
There's A Dead Fly In My Soup

Waiter Replied:

Oh No!
Who's Going To Look After His Family
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one fine morning in the middle
One fine morning in the middle of the night,
two dead boys woke up to fight,

Back to back they faced each other,
Took out their swords & shot each other,

One deaf policeman heard the noise &
Killed the 2 dead boys

Beleive this lie, it's really true,
Ask the blind beggar, he saw it too.

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StuDenTs Vs TeAcHeRz
WheN We R iN CLass, We R StuDenTs ,
WheN They R iN CLass, They R 'ScHoLaRs'

WheN We CoRecT Our WriTinG, iTs OveRwriTTinG, WheN They CoRecT TheiR, iTs CoRRecTioN

WheN We CoPy FroM OtheRz, We R CheaTeRs , WheN They CoPy, They R 'QuoTes'

WheN We JoKe iN CLass, We R 'JoKeRs', WheN They JoKe, They R 'WiTTy'

WheN We Don'T Do Our WorK On TiMe, We R 'SLuGGisH,'
WheN They Don'T Do, They R 'BuSy'
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An Apple On NEWTON

The Most Unfulfilled Desire Of All Science Students Is

A Bomb Should Have Fallen

Instead Of

An Apple On NEWTON .
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I do not want to marry

Man 1:- I do not want to marry becoz I am afraid of ALL women..

Man 2:- Get married soon, then u will be afraid of only ONE woman &
start loving other women.

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A new vaccum salesman

A new vaccum salesman knockd on da door. A tall lady answerd it.

B4 she cud speak, d salesman barged into da living room n emptied a bag of cow shit on2 da carpet..

Salesman: Madam, if i cudnt clean this up with my new powerful vaccum cleaner, i'll EAT all this Shit !

Lady:Do u need chilli sauce or ketchup wid dat?
Salesman: Y madam?

Lady: Cuz therez no electricty in da house.

MORAL: Gather ALL resources b4 working on any project
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