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Time Magazine, the famous U.S. publication, named Mahatma Gandhi the Man of the Year in 1930.


The most massive stars are the shortest lived


The Sun is a green star.


Stars are black bodies


In 1632 Taj Mahal construction initiated by Mughal ruler Shah Jahan.


Guru Nanak Dev born in the year 1469.


Vijayanagara Empire established by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I in the year 1336


Qutb ub-din Aybak establishes the Delhi Sultanate in the year 1206


In 300 BC Chola dynasty established his kingdom over southern India with capital in Thanjavur


The Upanishads written in 600 BC.


The Vedas, the Hindu scripture, was written in 1400 BC


JP Morgan Bailed put the US government in 1895


Many martial arts have their origins in India. There were said to have been spread throughout Asia by traveling monks.


Surgeries were done in India over 2,600 years ago by Sushruta. He also developed Ayurveda and made records of several complicated surgeries and operations.


The world's highest cricket ground is in Himachal Pradesh. It was built after a hill was leveled at over 2,400 meter above sea level.


Every twelve years, the Maha Kumbh Mela happens in Allahabad. This is the largest religious gathering in the world.


Lotus Temple: Made from white marble, this temple has 27 free-standing “petals”. The structure is widely recognized for its artistic value as well as a Baha’i place of worship.


Cherrapunji is the wettest spot on earth. It receives at least 425 inches of rain every year, which is over 5 times more than the tropical rain forests of South America!


The Pentium chip and Hotmail were created by Indians—Vinod Dahm and Sabeer Bhatia respectively. The Indian IT population is growing and is highly sought after all over the world.


The world’s largest Montessori school is in India. It has over 26,000 students!

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