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The most common dream? Your spouse is cheating.


Dreaming can help you learn.
If you're studying for a test or trying to learn a new task, you might consider taking a nap or heading to bed early rather than hovering over a textbook an hour longer. Here's why: When the brain dreams, it helps you learn and solve problems, say researchers at Harvard Medical School.


The bacterium P. acnes causes acne. Using products that effectively attacks this bacterium will help to improve acne.


In the wild, lions rest for around 20 hours a day.


Born in 1809, Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who developed the idea of natural selection and changed the way we think about evolution.


Female lions are better hunters than male lions and do most of the hunting for a pride.


The largest individual flower on Earth is from a plant called Rafflesia arnoldii. Its flowers reach up to 1 metre (3 feet) in diameter and weigh around 10kg.


Despite it name, the Killer Whale (Orca) is actually a type of dolphin.


An eyeball weighs about 1 ounce.


The USA had an aggressive year in 1898. It invaded Hawaii and in defeating Spain took Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.


Another war that divided America was the Vietnam war. Many felt so strongly the US shouldn't have been involved that they were involved in violence against the government.


The first permanent English settlement in America was at Jamestown which was founded in 1607.


Only one President of USA didn't marry, James Buchanan.


More people have been diagnosed with mental disorders in the United States than in any other nation on earth.


J.R.D. Tata (1929) is the first Indian Pilot


The 2015 World Cup has been awarded jointely to Australia and New Zealand, while England will be the host for the 2019 edition of the Cup.


The Board of Council for Cricket in India was formed in 1927.


Exercise daily for 30-60 minutes. Doing so will help you de-stress and let your body detoxify.


The only place in the United States where coffee is grown commercially is in Hawaii.


Raja Bhupindra Singh of Patiala donated the Ranji Trophy in 1934 for the national championship of Cricket.

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