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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Jul 27  2014 - Sat, Aug  02  2014

The thrust of your activities this week, is going to be on your profession, children and outdoor games. Ganesha also predicts that your creativity will peak now, but warns you to take good care of your health, as it is likely to be a bit delicate. It is quite likely that some long-standing ailment may increasingly start troubling you and the time has come to root it out, perhaps through an operation. Apart from this, both your domestic and professional atmosphere will be comfortable for you. Children will take up most of your time, and you will make sure that they are progressing satisfactorily on the academic front. In your free time you may choose to play some outdoor games, provided it does not affect your health adversely. This week is good to take your romantic relationship to the next level.
Ganesha predicts that your plate will be so full this week, and your business activities will keep life so hectic that you may not be able to spare any time for yourself or your family. However, you must not start anything new this week, and if the project is very lucrative and has a lot of potential then postpone it for next week. On the other hand, professionals will have a smooth sailing, and you will be able to work at your pace without straining yourself too much. You may tend to blow things out of proportion, so there is a danger that you may make a mountain out of a molehill, which will work to your detriment, so stay objective and keep your anger in control. You may confide your deepest feelings and emotions to your well-wishers and your life-partner, as it will relieve you.
You shall begin the week on a happy and optimistic note, but as the days roll by, the heavy workload that you have will begin to tell. You shall start feeling tired, drained of all your positivity and motivation, which may also make you lethargic and low. The planets indicate that this may be caused because your efforts have not been successful and you may have fallen short on expectations of your bosses. But worry not, it is only a transiting phase and good times will soon come on you. Take solace from the prospect that financially you are likely to be very comfortable as money is likely to pour in from unexpected sources. The value of your shares and stocks may also shoot up, which will more than make up for the negative events at your workplace. Be calm and meditate to improve mental and physical fitness.
A hunky dory atmosphere shall prevail at your office, and you shall really enjoy working with your colleagues with such good sense of humour. Ganesha says this applies equally to professionals as well as businessmen. What s more, you will carry the positivity back home and dispel the gloom, if any, among your near and dear ones. The stars indicate that romance is in the air. If you are single and ready to mingle, you may expect to meet someone who will floor you on first sight, and if you take the initiative and work towards forging a relationship, Ganesha assures you that it can go a long way. For married couples, it will be smooth sailing and you will care a lot for each other. Sharing each other s feelings and emotions will strengthen your bond.
The planetary configurations this week are in your favour, and accomplishing your tasks will be a breeze as you will not only be feeling very energetic but also will have great clarity in your mind as to how to go about your work. If you have been planning to launch new projects, Ganesha says this is a very auspicious time, and you may go ahead without any hesitation. You will bring a new dynamism to the table which will be greatly appreciated by your superiors. Your self-confidence will get a big boost, and your beliefs too will strengthen. Ganesha advises you to make the best of this phase to make long-term plans. Your desire to be in the spotlight is strong, and if you continue with your current work ethic you will surely gain in professional stature.
With the kind of work that you have been given for this week, Ganesha feels you will need absolute solitude in order to accomplish it. However, you are unlikely to find it, as the hustle-bustle of your office atmosphere will keep disturbing you. The only chance you have to complete your work within the deadlines is if you are allowed to work from home. For some of you, though, even this may not be an option, as even at home there will be a constant flow of visitors, making it impossible to concentrate on work. Under the circumstances, Ganesha advises you to get your deadlines extended, or request someone competent enough to share your burden. They owe it to you, as you have always come to their aid whenever they needed it.
Ganesha foretells that this is a favourable week for businessmen who wish to develop new partnerships. These new tie-ups will prove to be very beneficial on the financial front, especially as the new partners will be able to bring in ready capital. You will have to be very careful, though, about toning down the high pitch of your voice, or else you could end up hurting the very people from whom you wish to benefit. Quite apart from this concern, becoming soft-spoken and humble will have multiple positive effects in all areas of life and both your personal and professional status will get a boost. You will socialise a great deal, both in the physical world as well as on social media on the Internet. And the new friends you make at this stage will prove to be very useful in the long-term.
Ganesha predicts that this week appears very auspicious for reviewing your professional aims and objectives, as perhaps the current strategy is not getting you anywhere. And if you are hunting for a new job, again this week is very favourable for it. You will not shirk from taking on added responsibilities, as you know that these can enhance your professional prestige. Even on the social front, you will crave to be in the limelight and therefore you are likely to take on the job of your society s chairman or secretary. This week may also put you in touch with the top brass in society and thereby raise your social standing. Outer appearances matter a lot to you, but Ganesha advises you to take some time out and meditate to make your inner self richer, too.
Working odd hours and till late at night is beginning to take a toll on your health, so Ganesha advises you to drastically change your daily routine, inculcate more discipline in your life, and be punctual with your work, eating habits and sleeping hours. This will greatly improve your productivity in your office. If you have ideas about starting new projects, this is just the right time to go ahead and implement them. This week, Ganesha also predicts that you may develop a leaning for spirituality, and are likely to start attending religious discourses and reading up the scriptures. Financial matters will also keep you occupied, although you are quite comfortable on this front and there is not much need for worry. Conjugal life shall be smooth.
This week your professional or business life shall get sidelined, and personal and financial matters shall take the centre-stage, predicts Ganesha. You may find it a bit difficult to balance the inflow and outflow of your money, and could end up spending endless hours at figuring out how to do it. Ganesha advises you to just cut out the frills, or expenses on luxury items, and think before you spend - whether what you are going to spend on is absolutely necessary or not. This will give you a fair idea of whether to spend that money or not, and once you decide on this crucial point, saving will automatically happen. This will reduce your monetary matters related tensions. Personal life, though smooth, will need to be strengthened, perhaps by increasing the physical intimacy with your life-partner.
Things will start picking up speed this week, predicts Ganesha, and you will be relieved to see that tasks which had got stalled for some reason will now start moving rapidly, and you will start getting closer to your goals. However, Ganesha warns that certain planetary positions indicate that all may not be well in your relationships with your superiors, and if you don t keep away from unnecessary arguments, your job itself may be in jeopardy. So keep your cool and talk only when necessary. Even in your personal relationships, you will have to be very careful as one wrong word can hurt the feelings of your near and dear ones. This phase is favourable for marriage, so if you have been planning it, you may take the plunge now.
Ganesha foretells that there may be some confusion in your mind because of which you are unable to take firm decisions, and keep wavering between the extreme ends of optimism and pessimism. Ganesha advises you to first free your mind of all the clutter ? meditation will help in this ? and then think only about the things that are of high priority, and focus on working on them. It is only in this manner that you will be able to get anything accomplished this week, or else you will keep running round in circles, without getting anywhere. Indulging in your favourite pastimes or hobbies can also help in relieving the stress, and clearing all the cobwebs in your mind. On the romantic front, keep your eyes and ears open as there may be a fleeting opportunity.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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