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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Nov 16  2014 - Sat, Nov  22  2014

Ganesha foretells that you may look forward to a relaxing week, but since your Sign Lord Mars is exalted, and thus powerful, you won t be able to sit back and enjoy the season. You shall want to put excess of your energy to good use and ninety-nine percent of you shall choose to invest your energy in work. There shall be major changes in your professional approach. You might become pushy and may also be impatient for results. Although there is no need to expedite things, you shall want to get things done ASAP! Ganesha feels that luck is in your favour on the financial front. Businessmen may be in for some extra profits. The time is good for reorganising your schedule for the next fortnight or month. Desire to socialise shall be high, but towards the weekend only.
Ganesha feels that this week your approach to work shall be very meticulous. You shall also try to streamline everything that may be going on in a haphazard way. This week you may tend to be a stickler for cleanliness and shall keep your personal and professional environment as hygienic as possible. Money matters may be drawing your attention because you shall not have much to spend on your own needs. You may have to juggle your finances quite a bit. Ganesha feels that this week is going to be very good for meetings with business partners. Also, if you wish to discuss something important with your life partner, go ahead and do it. You shall be very articulate in your arguments, feels Ganesha. Most aspects of life shall be going on smoothly during this week.
You shall most probably enjoy this week, with Venus entry in Sagittarius, feels Ganesha. At the beginning of the week, your attention shall be on domestic matters. You shall also be paying attention to kids and their education, or perhaps even on your own advanced education. As the week progresses, you shall realise that you cannot manage everything all alone, thus you may have to seek help from other people to accomplish your own tasks. While you shall be sailing through the week smoothly with the help of your well-wishers, you are likely to come across some unexpected financial expenses, or some bad news about a friend or a relative. This phase is very good for starting a long-term activity, such as a spiritual practice like meditation or yoga. It shall help to keep you physically and mentally fit.
This week is extremely auspicious for creative activities, foretells Ganesha. If you have already embarked on some creative project, you may start pursuing it more seriously. You are going to enjoy a comfortable daily routine, and shall not have any trouble dabbling in other areas of life. On the domestic front, Ganesha feels you may hear the battle cry. However, since you do not believe in solving matters in a belligerent way, you shall be flexible and bendable, which shall help a lot in restoring the status quo. And yet, if the worst comes to the worst, you would do well to scramble off on a little vacation all by yourself, which shall not only give you the much-needed solitude, but also time for matters at home to cool down. Financially the week looks good, but don t overspend on friends.
Compared to recent weeks, this week shall be eminently smooth sailing for you, foresees Ganesha. You shall now have your attention properly divided between various important activities, and you shall be fully in control of your circumstances. External forces shall be unable to dictate terms to you. Ganesha feels this week you may have to do the tight-rope act in order to balance your work and family obligations. Though your mind may be full of new ideas, you shall be in no hurry to implement them, and you shall take your own sweet time. Finance may not be much of an issue, as you shall be pretty viable on that front, and it is something that obviates trouble on other fronts too. Thus, you shall be happy with whatever you have, and shall not crib about anything.
As the planet Venus has entered in Sagittarius, your focus shall now be on giving your home, especially the interiors, a new look. Your bonds with family members shall grow stronger. Moreover, the desire to take a walk down the memory lane with friends as well as old acquaintances shall be irresistible. Your presence shall have a soothing effect on all the people around you, both in office and at home. Besides, you may be suddenly seized by a desire to study more or gain deeper knowledge in your subject. Your inclination towards academics during this week shall be obvious. Travelling is also on the cards, but your plans are likely to get delayed, especially in case of short distance trips. Business shall grow satisfactorily, and your financial outlay for anticipated expenses shall be perfect.
Ganesha predicts that during this week you shall be very sharp intellectually. You may feel like socialising, and might seek out the company of your siblings, people in the neighbourhood or even your colleagues. This week you shall have a good rapport with the people in your circle. You shall also freely share your views and ideas with others. Moreover, people around you shall appreciate your knowledge or skills, which in turn shall boost your moral. Ganesha finds you taking a keen interest in helping people sort out mutual issues. At the beginning of the week, you may not be in a very good mood, but as the week progresses you shall get back in your elements. A new romantic link can also be established through the Internet or in some other manner, feels Ganesha.
This week you shall make slow but steady progress on the career or business front, foretells Ganesha. On the financial front, though you may be very frugal generally, the way you blow up money on certain things could make you anxious. However, you are not likely to face any financial crunch during this week. It is just the fact that certain expenses may alarm you, and you may wish to curtail them in the interest of long-term financial stability. Besides, this is a good time to review your investments and check if anyone owes you any money. Moreover, you shall derive happiness through the simple pleasures of life. Ganesha feels that this week can take you closer to your beloved. The rest depends on how you express yourself. This phase is also good to confess your love.
With Venus in your Sign, you are now going to feel better, but not as much as you expected, as there are three planets in Scorpio, causing a great deal of anxiety. Anyway, your wisdom shall guide you through this dark phase, and you shall slowly find the ways out of minor troubles. Your financial sphere looks promising this week. Rapid financial transactions are likely. This week, others are going to seek your guidance on various subjects and you shall be more than happy to help them, but only if their problems are genuine and need to be addressed immediately. You shall take pride in your knowledge, feels Ganesha. This is the best time to embark on a foreign or long-distance tour. However, abrupt trips may throw your domestic life out of gear, and separate you temporarily from your beloved.
During the first two days of this week, Ganesha advises you not to take any major decisions. Businessmen shall be under a lot of mental stress on Monday and Tuesday but after Wednesday, there shall be a sudden change in the situation and things shall start easing out. Professionals shall now experience stability and a sense of security because of increased interactions with their boss. There shall be hope for progress in the same organisation and you won t have to think of changing your job. Transit of Mars through your Sign shall give rise to myriad ideas in all spheres of your life, and you shall consider them seriously. However, don t act on them in haste or without deciding your priorities. The prospects of starting a secret relationship with a member of the opposite sex are bright.
Ganesha predicts that you shall be very articulate in expressing your views this week. You shall realise the value of your opinions, but your boss may not immediately acknowledge it. Actually he/ she may be too busy, so you must not get disappointed, but keep working towards your goals. Activities concerning people in the outside world shall overshadow your activities at home. It is time to explore your own profession or even new professional fields. If you wish to bring about a radical shift in your career, you have the stars in your favour. If you are tentative about a relationship, this is the time to take a final call on it. Eligible candidates may also hear wedding bells this week. Your friends shall be very precious to you this week and you shall give them due importance.
Ganesha feels that this week your dormant talents shall awaken, surprising both you and the people around you, but they shall be duly appreciated. Your health shall bother you a bit but you shall be able to get over it, nothing much to worry about. This week, if you ask for an inch, you may be handed a mile. Meaning, you must make the best use of this period, as your wishes are likely to be granted. Besides, this is going to be a tremendous week for artists belonging to your Sign. Ganesha feels that your feelings/ emotions are likely to be in control, and you are not likely to take impulsive decisions during this phase. Ganesha feels that as you are very happy this week, you shall be spending a lot of money to pamper yourself.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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