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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Feb 22  2015 - Sat, Feb  28  2015

Ganesha foretells that this week shall be favourable for businessmen, so you may expect turnover and profit margins to go up. If you wish to expand operations to new markets, go ahead! Professionals shall work hard, and your excellent performance will be there for all to see. Yet, you may be unable to develop a cordial relationship with your superiors. Ganesha advises you to continue working sincerely, without thinking much about your rapport with anyone. Married life shall be hunky dory, and your spouse will be a pillar of strength for you, supporting you in your every endeavour. On the financial front, you shall be quite comfortable, and after taking care of all regular expenses, you shall still be left with some surplus to invest for securing your future.
This week you shall act with unprecedented conviction and courage, foretells Ganesha. On the personal and financial fronts, you shall be comfortable. You may wish to buy some luxurious things for the home to provide creature comforts to your near and dear ones. However, avoid indulging in purely pleasure-seeking activities. This is also a good time to buy a vehicle, if you have been eyeing one lately. If you want to buy a house, you may start searching for one which will suit your needs best. At work, you may have to shoulder some extra responsibilities temporarily, due to the absence of a senior person. And, this may work well for you, since your abilities shall be tested, and if you manage to handle things well, you shall get recognition from your bosses.
Ganesha predicts that the planets will support you in career-related matters this week. Your seniors shall appreciate your efforts, and you may also receive some concrete rewards. Businessmen shall have a reason to cheer, as most things are likely to go as planned, yielding positive results. However, those engaged in partnership business could run into trouble, as they may find it difficult to reach a consensus with their partners on important matters. Although well-placed financially, you may not be able to save much this week. Unexpected expenses could make things a bit difficult. Thankfully, despite this, you may not face much of a financial constraint as such, feels Ganesha. Your past savings and investments will come in handy in bailing you out of financial trouble, if any.
This seems to be a good week to review the direction in which you life is moving, but you will feel energetic and be action-oriented. So, there shall be a good combination of intuition and action. Professionals will have to accept new challenges and shoulder more responsibilities to make a mark. This is also true for businessmen, who shall need to experiment with new ideas and explore new territories to achieve higher growth. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you may suffer from minor health issues like cough or cold. There is also a possibility of getting injured accidentally. This is a good time to invest in profitable bonds. At home, despite your best efforts, differences in your conjugal life may continue to distract and disturb you, feels Ganesha.
A busy week lies ahead for professionals, foresees Ganesha. However, you may rest easy as the entire burden will not be on you; your colleagues are likely to pitch in with their help and make things easier. You shall become optimistic and accept bigger challenges, and even invest more working hours, to get better results. Financially, you shall be comfortable, as some extra money may come in by way of arrears or a performance-linked bonus from your company. You may use the extra money to go on a holiday to unwind. Businessmen shall be able to expand their customer base successfully. This is also a good time to venture into new territories and look at expansion. On the health front, there may be a minor digestive disorder, but rest assured it will be nothing major.
You shall begin the week on a very optimistic note, feels Ganesha. It is a particularly good phase for businessmen who wish to expand their operations to new territories. Adding more products to your portfolio will help you strengthen your position in your industry. If you are in the service industry, brace up for a hectic week. On the financial front, things may get a little difficult because some unexpected expenses could upset your savings plans. And it is here that friends will lend a helping hand. But things may not go very smoothly in your marital/domestic life. You will have to spare time from your busy work schedule to resolve issues. In fact, things may aggravate over the weekend, so be extra careful about avoiding arguments.
Ganesha predicts that this week shall be lucky for freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity, with some good news likely to come in. However, even if you get a job, be prepared to give your best and put in extra hours. It shall take you some time, before you get accustomed to the new environment. Those already employed are likely to be very busy. On the negative side, you may take criticism as provocation, reacting rather strongly to it. With the powerful Mars influencing your House of speech, you may tend to be strong and overbearing during conversations, so be careful not to hurt anyone. Businessmen need to be polite and responsive towards the needs of your customers. Increasing demand for your goods and services shall boost your morale.
This week you can expect some positive events to happen in your life. The planetary configurations indicate that your fighting spirit will come to the fore, inducing and inspiring you to work with renewed vigour. However, don?t exert yourself too much, as stress could affect your health. Professionals must avoid arguing with the higher ups. A conciliatory approach, coupled with willingness to take initiatives and shouldering more responsibility, is likely to work well in the longer run, says Ganesha. This will be a good time for businessmen, with the demand for your products or services increasing. This will not only keep you busy, but shall also lift your spirits. Be careful while driving or cooking, as there is a possibility of your getting injured accidentally.
Ganesha feels that the behaviour of a close one lately may have disappointed you, and you may feel like distancing yourself from that person. This is because with Mars in Aries, you may now be in a no-nonsense mood. In your relationship with your life life-partner you shall, however, need to be accommodative. Try to understand his/her needs before jumping to any conclusion. On the career-front, you may be looking for a job change. However, this may not be a very favourable time for switching jobs, says Ganesha. Instead, stick to your present assignment, taking initiatives to solve persistent problems. Businessmen shall also have to work hard, and wait patiently, till things start moving favourably. Minor health issues, due to the seasonal changes may bother you on around mid-week.
This week, uppermost in your mind shall be domestic and career-related matters, feels Ganesha. You shall take more initiative in your job, and put in extra efforts to achieve desired results. You may be at loggerheads with superiors over certain issues, but avoid any direct confrontation with them. Instead, raise your level of compatibility to maintain peace. Remember that in any relationship, peace is more important than proving yourself right. This does not mean you should become submissive. Just present your point of view tactfully, and leave the rest to those in authority. You shall now be more secure financially. However, with Saturn placed in the 12th House related to expenses, and having aspect over the 2nd House connected with finance, there is a strong likelihood of unexpected expenses, so be careful with your money.
Major expenses on your home and family are on the cards, says Ganesha. Your family members will persuade you to replace some old furniture and gadgets with new ones. On the career front, you may have a strong urge to change your job for a better pay package. Some of you may look for other avenues to earn an extra buck. And, there is a high probability that you will find it. But, Ganesha cautions against speculative activities, especially because your financial prospects are likely to improve in the coming days. Businessmen will be very fortunate in this regard, and shall see their profits soar. This is also a good time to tie up with customers for long-term gains. But, domestic expenses are likely to shoot up due to some unexpected guests paying you a visit.
This appears to be a favourable week on the monetary front. Apart from your regular source of income, there is a strong possibility of money pouring in from other sources. This may be in the form of returns from an investment made earlier, or some incentive or arrears paid by your employer. For businessmen, short-term travel is likely to be fruitful, and could also mean getting new customers. This is also a good time for exploring new territories for expanding your business. However, you shall have to plan your travels in keeping with your circumstances. Overall, it?s a good time to strengthen your financial position. On the domestic front, you may need to be more accommodative to maintain peace and harmony. Take care of your health by avoiding eating junk food.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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