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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Sep 14  2014 - Sat, Sep  20  2014

With your energy levels and positivity peaking, Ganesha predicts that this week you are likely to be very busy, but more important than that, you shall be happy to be busy. With Mars entry in Sagittarius, you shall be full of beans and will be taking lots of new initiatives. Your ability to manage crisis situation shall be so good that whenever in a crisis, people shall turn to you. Ganesha feels your performance at work this week shall be much better than in recent weeks. You shall become target-oriented and very focussed. You shall be inclined to expand the horizons of your knowledge and therefore shall become a voracious reader as well as an extrovert so that you can learn from the perceptions of others. In business, new collaborations and meetings are likely to keep you preoccupied.
Ganesha predicts that this week is going to be a mix of socialising and work. Though deep in your heart you may not care much for socialising, as Venus is debilitated, you may have to indulge in it to a certain extent in order to just keep some people in good humour. Your workload shall be manageable and you shall be working more professionally, and not haphazardly as you may have realised what a waste of time it can be. Your time management skill shall be good, so that after working hours, you shall have enough time to relax with your family. If you are looking for a new house or a vehicle, this week is good and you may go ahead and book it. But when it comes to proposing, hold on, the stars are not in its favour. Your married life may not be quite enthusiastic, and health shall require attention.
It s time for spring cleaning, not to clear the cobwebs in your home, but to clear the cobwebs in your mind, says Ganesha. This shall give you a fair idea of how to proceed both on the personal and professional fronts. Decisions that you take now shall have a long-term impact on your life so it is much better to stay focussed while you take them and stick to them no matter what, without doubting your judgements. Also, you shall have to learn to take the responsibility for your own decisions. Relations with parents and other family members shall by and large be good. However, there are chances of minor arguments with the younger lot in the family, and heated discussions with your spouse. Try to see through this temporary phase with a calm mind.
The need to be recognised for your work, and even more than that the need to be accepted for who you are shall be great during this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall be helping others without a tinge of selfishness, but then you shall expect them to return the favour, if not now, then at least at a future date when you really need their help. Among the many changes taking place in and around you, you re thinking process shall also undergo a radical transformation. A lot of hard work shall be required to accomplish your ongoing tasks. Certain domestic problems shall have to be sorted out through open-minded discussions. On the financial front, you shall make an effort to save more money, and therefore may end up leading a far more frugal life.
Ganesha foretells that you shall be somewhat image conscious this week and may wish to improve on it. As long as you don t take petty things to heart, you should be fine. Ganesha says you shall go out of your way to help the less fortunate people in society by extending your services to non-profit social organisations. Even on the personal level, if someone needs your help, you shall be more than ready to guide them. However, there s something about your home atmosphere that could make you feel down. It may be the negative vibes, but you shall feel very depressed at home. Plan your travels meticulously, for there are chances that the tours may be cancelled for some reason or the other. You may be in a mood to socialise and entertain your friends, even if it costs you a bomb.
This week you shall feel very self-confident, says Ganesha, and you shall handle even your heavy work pressure with great ease and without letting it upset your equanimity. You are probably driven by the desire to gain more power at your workplace, and hence, maybe even without knowing it, you may end up dominating others. The danger of becoming too cocky, trying to dictate terms and imposing your views on others shall be only too glaring, so Ganesha advises you to curb the tendency, or you could very well end up making quite a few enemies. This week you shall also be a bit impulsive, and you may not be able to maintain cordial relationships on the personal front. The solution for this is not to react to situations, but to respond.
This week appears to be very busy, foretells Ganesha, and a series of meetings, seminars, conferences or travel plans could keep you on your toes. You shall not have much time to spare for your family. However, you will see to it that everyone at home remains comfortable while you are busy paying attention to your work. This week your words shall carry more weight and possibly the dormant orator in you may come to life. On another level, you shall be desperate to find some change in your routine. Perhaps you need to develop a new hobby or indulge in some recreational activity to add spice to your life. There has to be something to look forward to in order to avoid monotony. Ganesha feels that though your creativity is not at its best, Mercury s transit through your Sign may help you create something of lasting value.
Ganesha foretells that as Jupiter is taking good care of an important angle from your Sign, you shall be happy with your career progress, domestic life, financial strength and business circumstances. However, you shall have to control your innate aggression to maintain good terms with people around you. Ganesha feels that during this week you shall be able to handle all career challenges very well. You could even see new avenues opening up, but you should think twice whether you shall be able to adapt to the new work environment before accepting any new job offer. Your performance in your area of work will be very good. Business should now be progressing faster. This week you may be perplexed with the encounters you have with members of the opposite sex, and you may not be able to gauge their feelings or intentions.
The transit of Mars through your Sign shall make you thoughtful and enthusiastic. Thus, it s going to be silky smooth sailing on the professional front this week, foretells Ganesha. You shall not only happily work hard, and with a great sense of responsibility, but you shall also get the desired results. And, when you re done with your work, you shall lend a helping hand, or a wise word of guidance to your colleagues, winning their hearts in the process. All this positivity and camaraderie shall help your organisation also in making rapid strides towards its goals. However, Ganesha warns you that there is a slight possibility of getting into a fight with one of your superiors. It may just be a minor ego clash, but will need to be handled delicately. Drive carefully, as there are chances of a mishap.
Ganesha predicts that this week you shall draw up a very tight schedule for your organisational goals. The days shall be crammed with meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, and you shall expect immediate results for your efforts. You shall be extremely pro-active and a very tough task-master. On the financial front, your expenses are likely to shoot up. You may go on a shopping spree and the temptation to buy the things you like, regardless of whether they will be of any use to you or not, shall be irresistible. But if you don t control this tendency, you could very well end up in the red. Ganesha says your interest in occult, spirituality and allied fields shall increase this week, which may get a boost by some strange experiences that you may have with your friends.
Ganesha predicts that this week you shall be a stickler for detail. You shall pay so much careful attention to every minor thing, and seek absolute perfection in everything you do, that there is a danger that you may end up expecting the same level of involvement and flawlessness from everyone around you. However, Ganesha reminds you here that no two people are identical, and that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Still, if you go on and on with your fault-finding ways, you might spoil your relations with a lot of people, which in the final stages may bring you a realisation that it wasn t such a good strategy at all. Businessmen looking for partners or financiers have stars in their favour. This week is also favourable for signing new contracts. There is no scope for socialising this week.
Mars occupying an angle from your Sign shall boost the momentum in your career or business. Many of your unachieved targets shall now fructify. You shall make every effort to streamline everything both on the work and home fronts. You shall try to get rid of all the riff-raff surrounding, as it may be cluttering up your mind. Even in your relationships you shall become very choosy and identify who the real friend is and who is pretending to be a nice friend, but deep inside may be having some ulterior motive. You shall be compassionate and do some charity work. This week is not too good for romance, feels Ganesha, as there are chances of misunderstandings cropping up, ego clashes and even a lack of trust between you and your beloved or life partner. In short, your personal life shall be covered by the dark clouds.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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