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Hindi Movies Simran - Lucknow Central
Telugu Movies Jai Lava Kusa - Ungarala Rambabu
Tamil Movie Thupparivaalan - Neruppu Da
Punjabi Movie Rupinder Gandhi 2
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    One million copies of a new book sold
    In just two days due to typing error of one alphabet in title.

    “An idea,that can change your WIFE”
    While real word was(LIFE).
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Indian Astrologer World Famous
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    If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not giving work to your brain.Abhay
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    Weekly Horoscope predictions based on your Sun sign.
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    Cabbage smell When cooking brassicas (cabbage etc.) add a bayleaf this will reduce the smell during cooking and also give a subtle flavour.
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    To check freshness of eggs, put in a bowl of water–if they sink, they’re fresh. If they float and stand on one end, they’re not.
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